October 28, 2010

A Mad, Wild Spending Spree

A view over the bow of the Elation, Mexico. 2009.

Yesterday and Today

Himself: The new software couldn’t be installed in his computer, and no one made the noon appointment to help. Lots of emails, lots of structures set at last. Obviously a new company just stretching its legs. Estimators can keep a file for 2.5 days, and the average seems to be 3.3. It appears those who work appallingly long hours meet the requirements. G is at 2.66 days per file, and has done over 100 files in the last month. That’s the atta boy point which brings in a bonus. Gee. No one mentioned that it’s taking 16 hour days to meet this bonus line.

Herself: with the quilt blog too: Moved books hither and yon. Very confused morning. My head was on sideways, and a small vein was pinched somewhere in my head leaving me with a gaping hole in my vision. At some point I woke up a little and put everything together. Today was the first of two pot lucks…not tomorrow. There will be another pot luck next Friday. I just cannot trust my short term memory and need to write everything down. G home very early. A treat. Out to a really delicious dinner at Pizza Nova by the bay.

LIKE: Could you please take a moment on Facebook to “LIKE” the American Cancer Society’s Point Loma Discover Shop It seems to be just a way to get the word out about something on Facebook.

Mad, mad, freestyle spending has been out this last year. With the purchase of the new novel in the Vorkosegian saga, I broke the spending barrier.

For the last 14 months we have pinched every penny and smashed every quarter with a mallet….just in case. The Geezer wore his tires to the wear bars, and I continue driving a grumpy truck that has something new go wrong every other breath. Being the owners of a Monday or Friday vehicle is a hard thing to do. Being the owners of a vastly outdated wardrobe is also a hard thing to be too. We have even not been buying new or used clothes. Look at yesterday’s closet. Did I need anything? No. The clothes are just ten years out of date.

Last month, I bought a brand new pair of pants at a real store in the mall.

“Dear Gloria……” I should say to her,

“I bought a pair of your brown, twill denim pants last month, new, and I am very disappointed. They fit beautifully when you first put them on. I felt sleek and svelte and stylish as I stepped out of the dressing room. Wonderful, in fact.

I admit that I am in the large size category, but, I don’t believe my size shouldn’t stretch your pants out so much that they fall off within half an hour. Perhaps when you reformulate your fabrics you could add far, far less lycra to the mix. No one wants to see someone sporting as many muffin tops as I showing all when my pants fall off.

Sincerely yours, Maggie”

Now I’ve spent wildly this last month. I’m going on a cruise. I’ll make sure to take one of my thrift store bathing suits, and my Discovery shop formal gown which is in the cleaners having its mold killed, but perhaps I should buy just one new pair of pants that don’t fall off after half an hour.

Or maybe I will just wear one of my very old pair of denims.

Disembarking the Ryndam in Ketchikan with the Veendam off the bow. 2009.


  1. I'm glad you both can buy things now. The past year was tough for you.

    I limit my clothes purchases to tees and cropped spandex that I can wear to the gym! I really don't need anything and yes my stuff is very out of date, but I don't really see anything I NEED. Do you know what I mean??

    So, you're going on a much deserved cruise!!! Fantastic. Where?

  2. I know just what you mean about Gloria's pants. I keep buying them at Costco, and keep hoping one will keep its shape. I tried a belt, but since my tummy already protrudes I hate to add lumps.

  3. Oh....that Gloria! Good for you that the budget is easing up. I am so glad for you! Just better pants next time. That is my wish.

  4. I bought an expensive pair of slacks for work a few years ago from Penney's. After one washing, the seam in the back came apart...not the thread..the material just shredded. I was so disgusted that I went back to the cheaper slacks I had been purchasing for years....You really have to be careful what you buy these days.....

  5. Ditto, shame, shame, Gloria. At first I thought maybe I'd lost some weight, ha, ha! I had one pair that I could take off without unzipping after a couple of weeks. I did take them back. Sticking with my old cheapies.

  6. At long last they are cutting the waist a little higher!!! You know, the mommy pants. There were only about 3% of women that could wear the lower waist...and that covers all ages.

  7. I so feel your pain, Mage. I have the same problem with my new lycra added modern cut jeans/slacks. I think you must have to buy them a size smaller and only breathe after you've worn them a couple of hours. I'm tossing mine into a hot water wash and hot dryer dry time to see if that helps. This may be my new shopping challenge. What seems to fit perfect in the dressing room needs to fit after you get home, too!


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