November 28, 2010


I’m content. He worked the museum and froze. I’ll let him tell you all about it. While he was freezing, I did an acre and a half of small things.

I finished the chair. The second side isn’t as good as the first, but it looks vastly better.

Before and after.

I got three loads of laundry done. In between this and that, I mended a favorite cushion, finished decorating the tree while breaking only one ball, and worked my way into the start of a rich new-to-me book:" Albert Speer. His Battle with Truth”, by Gitta Sereny. Fascinating stuff, and it adds a new way of seeing to Speer’s highly rated books.

Best of all, today we have tickets to Harry Potter.


  1. You lucky ones to have tickets to Harry Potter. Glad to know you had such an industrious day. Are you heaters still on?

  2. SchmidleysscribblinsNovember 28, 2010 at 9:03 AM

    You can come rework my chair anytime. Also, in return, I would love to browse your library.

  3. That was certainly a happy reward for all the excellent work you did. I STILL haven't finished painting the doors I started several weeks ago. Shame on me. I will have to follow your example.

  4. I became addicted to Fran Liebowitz documentary on HBO and ended up watching it again the next day and then going on-line to order one of her books. You are a very talented seamstress and that chair is gorgeous. I could never keep white clean...I eat to much chocolate while sitting and watching TV! My tree is still not up!!!!!

  5. You truly missed your calling. You should have been a decorator. I see your special redbird. Very pretty.

  6. Lucky you. I'm just going to wait to see Harry Potter. I hate crowds and especially ones with noisy kids. You are an artist -- the chair looks great!!! I'm so glad things are doing well for you!

  7. Magnificent red bird and a beautiful tree. You had a very productive day. I napped a lot yesterday, therefore no tree,or lovely chair. ;-) My son said this was the best Harry Potter so far!

  8. The tree looks perfect and the chair looks great! And by this time you've seen Harry Potter! I hope you enjoyed yourselves.

  9. What a red bird! Just perfect. I love bookshelves. I can't understand people who throw away books. It's so lovely to see them all lined up, ready to be opened.

    That white chair is gorgeous, but I agree with Tabor. I could never keep it clean.


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