November 17, 2010

A Few Small Moments

I just finished scanning a book my grandma made of my father's pictures. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m continuing to show Gunny photos that catch my eye. Here he is at UA in the 1930's.

  • Let loose from prison, that’s how I feel. The cardiologist assigned by the hospital isn’t a good communicator and scheduled duplicate tests along with the hospital assigned GP. Yesterday he rescheduled his last appointment with me until December. I feel free at last. Why don’t I like that guy?

  • Dinner out tonight with a friend. I kept telling G that we should have attended a few recent meetings at the club house if we are going to take part in their Thanksgiving potluck. I got to wondering this morning what she is doing for this food holiday. Maybe she would like to come with us to the club house?

  • Coffee and a roll…a chocolate infused brioche….over poems and sharing yesterday. I picked JJ up at her Point Loma house, and she said that ever since her landlord parked one of his boats in her driveway the neighbors have been much nicer. She lives in a Portuguese fishing neighborhood. “The neighbors probably wonder why we don’t share fish,” JJ said smiling. That’s right. Our neighbor three doors down is a captain and always is bringing fish over. JJ needs to get off her computer and go fishing. That’s all there is to it.

  • Tomorrow is the day. I need to drive more before then. Lenora is going with me tomorrow, so if I fail I’ll have an ear. Still, I need to get my rear out on the road this afternoon. Perhaps even this morning. I need to make more left hand turns from a stop sign into heavy traffic. I shan’t tell the inspector that I flat out can’t see through large parked vee-hickles into oncoming traffic. Yesterday I was trying to figure out how long I had been driving. Fifty four years the Geezer told me after using his calculator. I couldda used a calculator too.

  • Books today at the Cancer Society Discovery Shop. They only looked appalling on Sunday when we were in. Imagine how bad they look now. There’s no ongoing booksale, and I don’t feel any self pressure to take my body in and shelve more books on a daily basis. I do that if there is a sale so the back room shelves can be emptied out for the next donation. Today I’m bringing in a donation. CD’s. Progress.

  • Small bits of life: G didn’t hear from anyone saying he passed probation….just got another bonus. That will do. I kept on organizing my ten thousand scattered projects rather than quilt. After dinner we went to staples where new pages were bought for next year’s Day Planner….yes, paper. Pages were bought to make a small album for that last road trip. Black ink was bought for the printer. The dishes were done. I spilled a whole 16 ounce glass of water over the jigsaw puzzle we have been doing and onto the floor. Today will be a great day if I can get a bit bigger variety of driving in….then I will be ok tomorrow.

  • Life is nothing but a progression of tomorrows. I’m sure they will be better ones if you don’t spill water all over them.


  1. Probably the bigest reason I'm still in this area is that the medical community in the New York to Boston corridor is probably the best in the country. We get the opportunity to change doctors if we can't get along with the one who's treating us.

    I can tell my primary doctor, I will not accept anyone who is not familiar with my condition (whichever condition we're talking about), and she knows it. She always knows someone she can call.

    When my kids were little, our pediatrician said, "there's always someone at Yale who will know..." and he was right.

    I still have a problem when my husband is admitted to one hospital and they don't look at the CT scans from the last one he visited... But I do understand that the to the younger doctors, he is hopeless.

  2. Maggie,
    Just from you descriptions, I don't much like him, either. Don't know why. If you feel strongly enough about it, I'm sure you'll make a change. That area is rife with good doctors.

    Good luck with the driving -- I can't see through huge vehicles, either! And neither can the driving instructor. :)

    I'm enjoying the photos of Gunny.

  3. I guess I missed something. Why do you have to take a driving test if you have been driving for so long?

    I don't see how you possibly have time to quilt with all the other stuff you do.

    I like the pics.

  4. It is exhausting to be so proactive with medical care...but we must! Your dad looks like a Gatsby character ;-)

  5. Just keep on keeping on. You're making good progress.

  6. By all means change doctors. I'm thinking about a third cardiologist. I'm not so happy with the second one.

    Love the pictures of the lighthouse. What a treat to be able to go up there on such a great day.

  7. 1. Change doctors

    2. Be careful and safe.

    3. The photos are awesome.

  8. Drive well, my friend. And take good care.

  9. A chocolate infused brioche! I can't think of anything I'd rather have right now. Haven't had a decent brioche in years, and with chocolate?.......yummmmm Congratulations on passing the driving test. I'd hate to go through that again. Who knows? I may have to someday.


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