November 19, 2010

It's That Time Again

Gunny off on an APL cruise on the President Wilson.

In thirty days we will be outta here. The bling packed, the sparkle rolled, and the weather checked. Who knows what to wear if we don’t check the weather.

How silly of us….or not. Most of the grandchildren are grown. Two are back east, and one is in Afghanistan. Two are away in college, one here soon to transfer to State, and others in school scattered here or there. The youngest is nearing 6. She will miss us, but it’s time for the parents to make their own adult holiday patterns after all these years.

We used to have big gatherings. I’d scramble my dry eggs and bacon for twenty or so and spread foodstuffs everywhere. As friends died or moved away, Christmas Eve became just family. Still scrambled eggs a la my mother, but I would wrap gifts in prewrapped boxes weeks ahead of time. No last minute rush.

Now with Lenora planning a move north, and Lessa making her own holiday patterns up north too, it’s time for us to make something of this time of year for ourselves. Last year we took a three day cruise south. This time, we will be out there seven days….unpaid. Though the Geezer has a job, thankyou thankyou, he will not have accrued enough vacation days for seven paid days afloat. You bet we will have a good time though. HAL is known for good holiday cruises.

Christmas 1968. Gunny died in 1966.

Christmas at the big house, 1987. Mother climbed the stairs for the party this year.


  1. You are very Zen about the holidays which will be so good for you. We get that memory and history going and forget that all changes all the time. We want to make it perfect and just about the time it is...the day changes.

  2. There is a time in life when those big holiday plans need to go. They have their day but then it's time to move on.

    Have a wonderful cruise.

  3. Glad to know the bling is packed. You are ready for anything!

  4. Our Xmas is going to be very low key this year. Wish I could join you on your cruise! Where are you heading to?

  5. Ive been trying to get family interest in taking a trip instead of this riduculous gift exchange--we get more "needless stuff in a box", Id rather get a nice memory to keep with me forever!


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