November 29, 2010

Monday Mornings *

0543: I refused to get out of the nice warm bed at five this morning. Oh, I heard the alarm, I heard the slider door close, and the next things I heard were kitchen sounds. You know, those distinctive clinkings that alert you to coffee and the morning kiss sounds.

0600: So there I was just started on the first sip of coffee after water and pills, not even to Dear Abby when the phone rang. Some part of me had been aware that Bee would call this Monday morning as I brought the ear phones upstairs. Not all of me remembered tho, and the Geezer had to hand me the phone and make jokes about my slowness, my not-awakeness, until I was plugged in and talking.

0635: The Geezer blew me a kiss and headed off to the gym.

0652: Bee and I talked of Vegan thanksgiving and how well Mikey is doing. Mikey did a lot around the house and doesn’t have the energy for this now. Bee’s life is cooking now….Mikey, cooking, and teaching. Little painting at all….she needs help for the every day small stuff while she tackles life, I suggested. The day before we Christmas Cruise away, she get’s her chin back. She will have lots of help that next week.

0715: There was just time to ask the temperature, 41F, blow another kiss his way as we switched cars in the garage, and remind him to make an appointment for the Toyota for its oil and brakes. Oh, so mundane. So life. So amazing to be able to live this way. So good even if it were near freezing as we got into the steaming pool. I confess, into the pool not for my hour but for 40 minutes of cold to the bone exercise.

0838: Home to an empty garage. He’s off looking at wrecks. I’m home to a glass of water and a cup of yogurt, to grocery shopping, to writing in my blog, to not forgetting for the third week in a row that his good suit is in the cleaners.

Isn’t the mundane nice stuff.

0940: To the cleaners, and the grocery store. Of course I forgot the two items on the counter...sugar and dry mustard.

1134: Lessa called great trip. Had a chance to talk to her father, MJ was great as was S. The SUV heater died as she headed home in 11 degrees, but they got home just fine. Three loads of laundry done, and groceries put away. More enjoyed mundanities of a Monday Morning.


  1. Yes, it is! Beats the heck outta drama!

  2. It is, indeed! The temp here went down to about 29 last night. I was snuggled down into my flannel-sheeted nest!

  3. Love your day. It seems to be loving you!

  4. Oh laundry...damn, I forgot I've still got a load in the dryer and one in the washer and I am sitting here reading blogs!!!

  5. Yeah, I know what you mean. I once hated routine, now I thrive on it! Oh the mundane, indeed! I've had enough drama. Mundane. Give me more!

  6. We seldom recognize how wonderful the mundane is. At this age I'll take every day of it I can get.

  7. Are those the ones that didn't make it to the tree...the oldies but very,very goodies designer collection?

  8. a wonderful descriptive lyric of Monday...and life is mundane most of the time...
    We also prepared a Vegan Thanksgiving dinner, passed from Vegitarian to Vegan this June so another one the given up list--- I should be the healthiest past middle aged woman around-
    I gave up on; smoking, marriage, sodas, processed sugar,white bread, meat,fish, dairy, sex, working, now if I could just give up POTATO CHIPS-


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