December 11, 2010


…putting it together.

2008, Elation in Cabo, Mexico.

We inch our way toward packing.

Less is more when traveling by ship.

I’ve hung my good dress and one good set of pants on the computer room door. Imagine, they aren’t all black. The dress is a rich, blingy navy blue. I acquired a screaming green sweater from the thrift store yesterday to go over the little black silk shirt. I have a couple of other small and nicely colored sweaters to go over the shirt and pants too, but frankly, despite my laughter at myself, I have no idea what I am doing.

I wish Bee had the time to come down here and put me together. I’m so unsure of myself and clothing. She has an unerring eye and manages to look really great without blowing too much money. I have thrift stores.

Stir M looked great last night when we picked her up for dinner. She too has an unerring eye. Now well into her eighties, she looks great for having a very bad year physically. But she doesn’t remember.

“Have you ever been to my house?” She asks this several times.

She remains very active and on top of everything else in her parish and order, but there seems to be large and unexplainable gaps in her memory. Just like with Duck, we told her that if we see her more often, she will remember that we have been to her house four times. Less is not more with friendships. Visits will help in putting it together.

Georgette and Stir M at dinner, December 2010.


  1. Stir M looks like a wonderful woman, and you are so right, less is not good in friendships like this one. I'm very sure she enjous your company.

  2. That photo is awesome! See you tonight.

  3. Wonderful, cheerful uplifting post. Love your photo too. I need a friend who could dress me. Send her here when she finishes with you.

  4. Sounds great!!! I envy you this trip but suspect a cruise isn't for me. Anxiety disorder limits a body.

    What's wrong with thrift stores? I have what is called a fabulous wardrobe that is based on thrift and outlet stores and eBay finds.
    One of the guys I used to date called me the best-dressed poor girl around. I only shop retail stores at the end of the season when stuff is 75% off! I get a thrill buying a Liz Claiborne dress for 10-15 bucks. Lol

    Your friend looks wonderful and you do, too

  5. Blessings upon you, me dear. You are a very good person and as I think I have said before, your smile outshines anything you wear...don't worry!

  6. Good luck with your packing. I'm never confident about what to bring no matter how many times we've traveled. This is such a happy photo. :-)

  7. hurray for screaming green! such a lovely shade to have around, yes! missing you Mage! i'm so excited! where are we going?? I can't wait! xoxoxo c!

  8. Lovely post. You have a kind heart. And I'm sure you'll look wonderful no matter the wardrobe.

  9. Bless your heart for being such a great friend to your friends! And with a smile like yours, who needs fancy clothes anyhow!?

  10. Stir M looks so happy -- you're a good friend.

    Easy packing: You need nice slacks, a couple of nice blouses, shorts, two tees, a sweater, a slicker, comfortable shoes, a swimsuit, and underwear. And do not ask my husband if I practice what I preach! :)


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