December 12, 2010


Christmas at sea, 2009.

We donned warm holiday clothes to stop in first to Harry’s pre-party party held at the same times as the museum party. I’m afraid we showed horrible behaviors…..jam all that food in your mouth, say “bye” and dash off to the next gathering. We hadn’t realized that we were so hungry.

Yes, embarrased.

Yes, almost the first at the museum party.

The great Captain Poolie handing out awards at her museum holiday party. 2010

Wonderful gathering, delightful food, and a laugh filled present exchange when most folks were doggedly determined to bring home the Baileyz….three changes and the last person get’s to keep the gift.

The great Georgette and the Geezer enjoying the museum party. 2010.

This morning, we were off fractionally late to Lessa’s house bearing greeks. We took the two of them out to donuts….and oh, we loved those calories. Oh, we loved Lessa and MJ best of all.

MJ flirting with Grampa Geezer, 2010.

Selfishly delighted to have two pictures of us that weren’t too bad at all.


  1. I had such a great time last night - even though the hugging was from a distance!

  2. Lets are doing all this eating because they do not serve good food on the cruise? ;-)

  3. Fun to eat n run! Dontcha love it when you get good photos!!

  4. No they weren't bad, they were wonderful photos...all of them. Beautiful post. I think the sea photo is my favorite of all your sea and ship photos lately. I love Gulls.

  5. Great to see your smiling face, sounds like a fun time. I loved your gull photo such dreamy colors.

  6. I can see you are having a very good time. That's a great picture of the Geezer, you, and Lessa.

  7. Granddaughters are wonderful, aren't they? And yours is beautiful as well.
    Enjoy every party you can attend. Life needs more parties.

  8. Of all my blog friends, you get the prize in the the going-est category. You are blessed to have so many good friends and festivities - and they are all most beautiful. Life is good and very good. And so it is.

  9. Loved it!!! Especially MJ!!! She is darling!!!

  10. The seagull photo is a stunner and I love the one of you and the Geezer colour-coordinated.

  11. Oh that first photo is just amazing!

  12. What a beautiful family -- MJ is precious!!!

    I thought 'stuff and leave' was the holiday party cry!


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