January 27, 2011

Oxymoronic Foods

The waiting room floor in the Los Angeles Union Station. 2011.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: After a long day, he was 39 again and hadn’t wanted any presents. He did want dinner out….a “Humongous” steak at Fat City. Desert, and an endless supply of Diet Coke. He’s feeling better.

Herself: I got him a movie and a really funny card. Noted in the paper today, the cruise lines have stopped going in to Mazatlan because of recent violence there. I’m glad we got to see it. Yesterday here, I got all the donated books out on the shelves except the higher priced ones. Found one Algebra text at $179.00 at ABE books. I confused the volunteer that was pricing books too….and I humbly apologized. Groveled. I’m coughing less at last.

That was a really great steak last night. Delicious. Melt in your mouth. Just the way they ate in the 1950’s to celebrate an occasion….steak, baked potato with fixings, and a fattening desert. Not at our house, of course, we weren’t rich enough to purchase three giant Porterhouse steaks or even my favorite…a small filet. Mother would buy one steak. With a little judicious pruning, three of us had some of each part of the steak.

Not us here either. Usually we eat vegetarian. Occasionally Vegan. From my heft, you can tell there’s no aversion to the higher fat items on the menu such as cheese enchiladas. Last week I made them with no fat tortillas….the ultimate in food oxymoron’s.

Tonight I was thinking of serving BLT’s. We like BLT’s….but with Turkey bacon and extra mayo. There’s even some pretty good soy bacon to be found at Henry’s. Soup and sandwiches. Baked potato with soy butters and soy sour cream or even just with gringo salsa. Are those oxymoronic too? Baked squash with soy butter and a dash of nutmeg. Roast asparagus with a little fresh ground pepper and olive oil.

Note, the common theme is fat here….and that’s what we resemble.

Perhaps we need to go back to the future and take a leaf from Bee. She was 200 pounds, and now she looks just like she did at 18. Except for the laugh wrinkles. No matter what I do, I will never look like I am 18. Sun damage and smoking damage have ruined my skin and my laugh wrinkles. It will be just my luck that my 39 year old husband will turn wrinkleless as he loses weight, and he loses weight fast.

By Monday, I might be coughing less enough to get back into the pool too. Maybe my body will absorb the water and hide the wrinkles. Then again, perhaps that’s just daydreaming oxymoronically. I like that kind of thinking.


  1. Unfortunately the fat is what provides the taste...and I love BLTs -- with avocado (more fat, but 'good' fat!) Wouldn't it be great if soaking in water dissolved fat and cellulite??? I wonder how hot the water would have to be.... :)

  2. I'm afraid it takes a major mind change, and sometimes even that doesn't work. (When I can't go out, I order groceries online, but I can't ask them to come if they can't park by the house because of the snow. I shall have to eat some chips...)

    I am the only meat eater in the house. I buy a small steak, that might be one large serving or two smaller ones, but I can get five out of it. Putting one of those tiny steaks in the food processor with onion and mushrooms makes the best burger I've had in years.

  3. We didn't have steak much as kids either and never ate out. Dad was a great fisherman though and we had plenty of salmon and crab. I've never learned to eat crab without butter though, yum. Last week I notice that right after a shower the wrinkles in my neck are much less noticeable as are the facial wrinkles. Why does water hydrate some of you and wrinkle your fingers and toes so?

  4. Wouldn't it be nice to take every meal at Loving Hut? We would all be skinny!

  5. I would say your life is filled with oxymorons, which makes for a very interesting lfe.

  6. Keep working at. Think good health...not trying to look 18. My husband and I exercise about the same and I eat less...he is loosing the weight. At least I am not gaining!~

  7. Someone told me that when I look at food I should ask, "is this good for me?" and then I will easily make the right decision. "Good for me? GOOD for me? Good FOR me? Good for ME?" There are many answers to the same question. Right now something with butter sounds just plain good.

  8. I just went grocery shopping and accidentally picked up three containers of whole milk yogurt. Didn't buy them, too much fat, but it didn't stop me from buy a piece of sheep milk's cheese. No fat, huh?

    No bookcases either. My neighbor decided she would keep them.

  9. I am such a sucker for BLTs, but with the real stuff. I know it's bad for me, but it's a treat I sometimes cave in to.


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