January 8, 2011


Beth and her mother Eileen, 2011.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Worked late but it freed up his weekend. Today he’s silently playing single person shooters before heading off to docent at the museum.

Herself: I have been gobbling books between socialization. Took the tree down too. No excuse not to get back to work on the Blue Quilt.

That’s me. Social, and I’m taking the Geezer along with me. Then again, he isn’t complaining a lot.

I tease him by saying, “It’s all your mother’s fault.” And in a complicated way, it is. He missed the link that taught communication and socialization skills, and how he ended up with overly social me, I do not know.

Thursday I met with the Poets Group at one of my favorite spots, Natis. I could hear little….it was as if the wall of food and dishes between the table ends blocked me from the words. At my end, they talked of Marion B with everyone missing her and several saving her
journals for later reading.

My call into the wild, “It’s illegal, it’s illegal,” was ignored or talked over. I just had to say it as I too had saved her journals.

“It isn’t her house anymore,” said one of her best friends. We all understood. I felt that about the group too loving the people but it isn’t my house any more.

Yesterday was to be dinner with Granddaughter Beth and her mom Eileen and dad Guy. When they first called G, he was just yards away from where they were shopping and he working. He had to finish his wreck, drive all the way home to get me, then turn around and drive all the way back inland for dinner. Tho I felt deaf there too, I did feel very at home with them. More of this,” I said. They agreed.

Tonight, dinner with Katy and Dan. We are trying that Vegan restaurant that the Captain recommended. They like to eat healthily. We need to.

Tomorrow dinner with Don. She’s with a health therapist and undergoing a 90 day cleansing. My beliefs are not hers, but I let her rattle on when we are together. G says nothing at all about this bite by bite supposed reconstruction of her tiny body.

If you want us, we are being social. Monday we collapse.


  1. Yes, I do believe you are social. I'm very gregarious but not very social. Isn't that an oxymoron? Perhaps I'm just out going, not gregarious.

  2. Wow! You sure do have a social life. We're pretty spotty. I was just telling my husband that we should invite some people over or something. I would love to meet more people, but it's hard since we're starting all over again here in Hawaii.

  3. Funny, I love to SOCIALIZE with people (even strangers), but I detest WORKING with people. In the latter case, I am happiest with solitude.

  4. I used to like social. Lately, I don't. Looks like you are having fun.

  5. David is the social one of us, I am not. I think opposites attract. I met him at a teen dance where I was a chaperone and my fiend had brought him along to meet me. He was very outgoing and talked all night. I thought he was some kind of Energizer Bunny.

    He says he was the life of the party before he stopped drinking. He used to drink with Eric Severid at a bar near my workplace. David would climb up on the bandstand and play the drums. Eric did not. Most people don't have a clue who Eric is or was, but I think he died from too much drink although he looked pretty sober on the evening news.

  6. with me its one again off again kind of thing...depends on what the plan is--ENJOY IT all-- till you've had your fill!

  7. I wish my life was more social...but I am lazy and in a rut. We meet with new friend every now and then, but all our old friends live far, far away.

  8. Had to laugh this morning when I read, They like to eat healthily. We need to... isn't that the truth!

  9. Sometimes it's good just to sit and listen to someone whose beliefs and practices (a 90 day cleanse?? How could she have gotten that dirty??) we don't agree with -- I smile stupidly -- it's getting easier for me to do this. :)

    Those ravioli look yummy!

    Grand daughter is beautiful!

    I think a lot of the new restaurants are making a big mistake decorating with all hard surfaces -- nobody can hear a thing because the noise is bouncing off the walls, ceilings, and floors.


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