February 4, 2011

Friday Lite

Thinking of mine.

  • The carpet is so clean that it looks new. It was also still so wet by dinner time, the Geezer turned on the heater. Now I am in a state of appalledness over how much it is going to cost to get the carpet dry.

  • Dinner out tonight. This is big stuff.

  • Nope, while that Wednesday night Alanon meeting works for me, it doesn’t work for G. The AA meeting at the same church starts just as the other meeting ends. That isn’t functional for us as a pair. He says he will take me up the hill and pick me up afterwords. I’m very appreciative.

  • Yup, he’s back to the gym at last. Hurrah.

  • Couldn’t remember a common word Wednesday. A color. More bits of vanishing brain. You can’t look something up on Google if you can’t remember how to spell it. Google has those moments too.

  • The antibiotic makes me very, very dingy. You should have seen me yesterday. I rushed home, rushed upstairs to the bathroom, came back down and changed out of my sweats into street clothes in front of the washing machine putting the clothes in to wash. When I turned around to leave, I couldn’t find the truck keys. Yes, I pulled all that wet clothing up and examined it all. Felt the bottom of the washer drum too. After it all spun dry, I was able to find the keys in my sweat pockets. I didn’t get at all upset, but it was a humbling experience that I can laugh about today.

  • I’m wondering what humbling experience will happen today to make me laugh.


  1. Google makes mistakes. Wikipedia makes mistakes. I wrote a short sentence in MSWord: "So do I." The program corrected it to "So do me."

    The human brain is still the best we have. Not so good on medication, though.

  2. I sure hope you carpet dries quickly. You're reminding me that we should clean ours, too.

  3. Can you get the carpet cleaners to come back and finish the job? Medications do icky things to my memory too. Thanks for the reminder though, I have to get another house key and give it to the neighbor so I can get in when I forget my keys.

  4. Hope your carpet dries quickly and your meetings go well!

    I don't trust spelling checkers mostly. They don't catch a lot of things -- especially homophones.

  5. OH boy how many times Ive done something similar to that...
    Try putting a regular fan on it aim it down at the rug! Thats what I do...it helps.

  6. You are so busy!

    And stop being so hard on yourself! Clean keys are important!!!!


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