February 2, 2011

Writing It Down


Yesterday and Today
Himself: Feeling good. Swamp’t with work yesterday tho. Stopped in time to watch NCIS and NCIS LA. At work now. I don’t think the new computer scheduling system is working well.

Herself: Except for the morning coughs, I am doing a little better each day. At last. Hand healing too. Doing all my exercises but my knee hurts like ----.

I wake Wednesday morning’s thinking, “Books, books, books!” I’m like a little kid. The joy of the new Christmas toy, working with books at the store, hasn’t worn off yet.

Today we have a staff meeting before the store opens. What time? Do I remember? Not at all. I’m going to have to guess at nine am for the breakfast before the meeting. The store opens at ten. Yeah, I know. I should have written it down.

I did write down “7/9” yesterday. I wrote the same thing down for Monday too. I was home from seven to nine and nothing exciting or untoward happened. Not even a knock on the door. Then again, someone turned the water off. Seven to three isn’t seven to nine, so it couldn’t have been that.

I did write down that the money guy was calling at five thirty today. Discussing money a couple of times a year is good even when the markets are falling on their faces. I also wrote that the carpet cleaners are coming tomorrow. Unfortunately, so is Mary the housekeeper. I have enough dirt on one floor to keep her busy for four hours, but the upstairs bathroom will miss its cleaning. G and I will have jammed all the upstairs loose stuff in the bathroom.

I did write down the seven pm meeting I wanted to go to, but it would have been nice if I remembered to write down this morning’s staff meeting. Then again, even if I am late and have had breakfast, I bet there’s a donut waiting for me at the morning meeting. That bit of excitement doesn’t involve writing it down. It’s a given.


  1. My sister always cleans before the cleaning crew arrives.

  2. Nothing I like more than clean carpets. I've always wanted someone to clean my house once a week but then I have Bob to do that.

  3. At about age 60 my mom,who died in October at 91, began the habit of writing things down either in a notebook or on a big calendar. She was meticulous about this even though her memory was fine and she was sharp as a tack. She noted who called, where she went, who visited etc. in what we would now call bullet points. In the last few years when I would call from the other coast I could tell that her conversations were held with her notes in hand. Sometimes I would joke..."now write this down!" Now that she is gone, I am both awed and charmed at the record she has left. Sort of a blog on paper, definitely a record of a woman determined not to lose her memory.

  4. i cant remember the last time I ate a donut...But Ive had lots of other sweets in the place of it--Im such a note-a-holic I have them in layers, its like going back in time!
    Some things dont get marked off and those get carried forward--

  5. How funny that I posted a YouTube thing about Memory. I'm always having to write things down, but then I forget where I put the list.

  6. I avoid doughnuts at all costs. I am not so good at other unhealthy stuff, though.

  7. I do that, too -- write all kinds of stuff down, CRYPTICALLY!


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