March 10, 2011

Attitude Balance

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Still singing. Got all his work done on the road and didn't bring any home. A first. New boss a great help.

Herself: Dinner out with Jay, Duck’s other Jay friend at a PB Italian favorite. I’m getting soooooooooooo fat and seem to be unable to stop jamming the good stuff in my mouth. Arrrrrrrrrg!

There are days you plow along, and despite great energy output, little get’s done. Not yesterday. I got little bits of everything done and ended things with a smile feeling there was a balance this day.

Rows of little blue fabric bits were sewn to other rows of other little fabric bits.

I edited Lessa’s latest paper on Dry Drunks. Well written. It needed to be in the present tense. The teacher should give her an A for this one.

No swimming. The Y called to tell me the pool was cold. But I shuffled books at the Discovery shop very happily. You would have laughed….I arranged a display in the Plus Size area, and each time I would walk by the clothes had sold but the purse with the display had not. So I would go find the purse, make another display, and come back to do it again. Silly me.

Pages for the Oosterdam album were organized….five or six designed.

I made a dent in a small essay I’m calling “ad hoc snob.” Just the title amuses me.

I didn’t have a fit when Don changed her mind and didn’t communicate one more time. I’m just not inviting her to anything any more. A third time is the charm. Boundaries. Distancing. They free you up.

I got a good start on Stephanie Plum’s number five, and I let her attitude influence all of my thinking throughout the day. Attitude is good meaty stuff, but I was grateful that Grumpy didn’t blow up or catch on fire as Stephanie’s cars are likely to do. Gas just over the hill at $4.79. Gas in Mexico is $2.69. Double Arg……..


  1. Sounds like you've got the eye for displaying merchandise. Added the Stephanie Plums to my to read list. Thanks for the heads up. I like a variety of reads.

  2. You are making my head swim with all your stuff. I am just sitting around here at the PC on this rainy day (after getting hubby to pull together the tax papers...sneaky me) and fiddling with flower pics. Clearly a waster of time is my talent.

  3. I also am putting on weight...while eating less!!! ARGH!

  4. Don't you just love Grandma Mazur???

    Getting blown off is irritating, isn't it. The third time's the charm for me, too.

  5. So maybe the purse should be changed? You have quite the gift of displaying books and clothing and all sorts of other things based on your photos.

  6. Gas was $3.89 at the corner gas station here in Hawaii. I imagine it's going to top $4.00 before spring when we do our road trip in Yellowstone. Arrghh!


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