March 21, 2011

Garage Ho!

“Enough,” I said. “I’m not moving grandma’s old chair one more time to do a load of laundry.”

The chair was moved down from the bedroom to the garage to wait for reupholstery. The poor thing got mold at the moldy big house, and I couldn’t have it up there where I sleep. It really belongs to Lenora, I gave it to her, but she is packed up to move. So I will redo it for her….and enjoy the finished project until she is ready for its return.

We are still all waiting for the disbursement.

There the chair sits, in my way, right in front of the washer to the left, with the Zoe quilt on its back.

Sometimes it takes a giant container of paper towels to get things started.

Stuff is three feet deep all around the edges of the garage. No wonder I backed into the towels.

We sorted everything out, we backed Grumpy up to the door, filled up his bed, and took it all to the Goodwill….they were open. What they wouldn’t take we took to Salvation Army where we found carloads of folks from Mexico going through the donations to take stuff to Mexico. They took all our stuff. Hurrah!

Almost empty. Amazing stuff, almost empty.


  1. wow! that is so beautiful what you did. don't you feel better now? congratulations!

  2. Garages R Us....Great job. I like the chair too...hope you get to enjoy the new upholstery job once it is done. Love the solution to the glaring street light......That's ingenious.

  3. I just love the success of spring cleaning! Clearly you have mastered the art and now motivated me. Where do I start?

  4. Wait, you mean that a garage is not meant to store stuff? We have a double garage and can fit only one car into it. We definitely have some thinning to do...

  5. You and G. must be feeling so good. Garage nearly empty. I wish I could ruffle up enough energy to do this too.

  6. It's nice to have the garage do wHAT it's supposed to--store the cars! We are always amazed at all the people who park their cars OUTSIDE so their junk can sit INSIDE the garage. Glad to see yours is looking all neat and tidy.

  7. gREAT! Now I'm feeling guilty that I'm not out in my garage doing what you've obviously done a bangup job with! I need a neighbor like you!

  8. I'm inspired!!! thank you two!!! xoxo c!


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