March 14, 2011

A Magical Nothing

Yesterday and Today
Himself: When I left, he was trying to reach his boss so 10 or so wrecks could be removed from his queue. Finished the totals on the taxes, and spent the rest of the day making bad jokes. Bought a size smaller levis, and wore a size smaller suit to the meeting. Big stuff this.

Herself: Didn’t get anything of value done at all. Praying for those in Japan.

Earthquake Updates: Robert Brady’s Quake Updates offer frightening moments; Kay in Hawaii is unable to reach her family in Japan; Gigi Hawaii Tsunami and Life intermixed.

I delight in time that is all mine…free time…leisure…..unstructured time, if there is such a thing. I must admit that I did nothing done this weekend beyond a load of laundry or two. Occasionally I watched the news. I should feel deeply guilty, but I don’t. Not at all.

Today will be busy, and tomorrow busier. I’ve done my aerobics, and now I am off to the dentist to have a small filling put in one of my front teeth. I’ll take the next Stephanie Plum and lunch with me….perhaps my camera too, and have lunch by the bay then take the taxes to the Tax man. Next is back to the PT Guy. Nice guy….but I have only been remembering to do his way-too-many exercises once a day. In the pool. I’m taking the many pages of exercises with me in hopes there is such a thing as simplification not steroids. On the way home, I’ll copy my essay for tomorrow’s class. Dinner will be leftover enchilada’s and fresh soft chicken tacos.

I confess, it’s just nine in the morning, and I could too easily doze off right now.

Tomorrow I’ll swim 0630 while G is in the gym, and later school. Imagine, nothing is on the calendar in the afternoon. Magical word, nothing.


  1. 'Nothing' ('niente' in Italian) is a magical word, isn't it?

    This time tomorrow we'll be 'en route' to Cali -- up to my schnutz in packing -- which I hate... It's worth the trip, though.

  2. I did aerobics on Friday...then had to head to daughters to babysit this weekend...then worked on the garden today. Hauling mulch, weeding, pruning, and digging an edge. That counts for exercise...doesn't it?

  3. good luck with the PT. Your meal sounds excellent. It's been decades since I made tacos. Your post whets my appetite for some.

  4. In the saddle here at the office now. Won't be leaving for another seven hours. Poooooo!

  5. Someday I plan to do nothing, but I am not there yet. I decided that my pool visits are designed for maintenance. The body is never going to be 20 again. I am off to the dentist on Tuesday to have a cracked tooth fixed. Do we live in a parallel universe? The sea is so far away from me. A whole 3 hours drive on a good day.

  6. I have lots of plans to get healthier and I just have to get off my fanny and do it. Hoping the trip to Florida will get me moving....
    Sad about family not knowing each other too. I have plenty of cousins that I never see.

  7. We must have more days where we may do gives us time to think about our next move toward a happy fulfilled day!


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