March 12, 2011

On the Pacific Rim

Shelter Island yacht basin.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Better today but had two days of stomach something.

Herself: I have his stomach something….woke me at 5 on the weekend.

The forty foot tsunami that ravaged Japan, creapt up on us with six foot surges in San Diego that only damaged yachts and docks. Our tsunami watch has been downgraded to a tsunami warning. With aftershocks of 6.5 +, many of us are waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Friends and family up and down our coast seem fine, but we can’t call Maui yet. Too early to call G’s best friend there. I do follow blogs written by writers in Japan and writers with family there. I include the links so that you can read them yourselves.

Imagine…walking seven hours to get home.

…sleeping in your car without food or water unable to get out of town…..

…living in Tokyo and getting news about family in Japan from sisters in Hawaii.

Robert whose family is living in their car.

Kay who includes family pictures.

Gigi Hawaii with Hawaii and Maui photos from the news.

Our thoughts are with everyone on the Pacific Rim this day.


  1. Thanks for the link to my blog. That is a beautiful photo of the boats. I am glad there's been no real damage in your immediate area.

    I read that 5 people in California were swept out to sea; 4 were rescued but the 5th is lost forever. Foolish people to disregard the warnings to stay away from the beach, and evacuate.

  2. oh, I just re-read your blog regarding the damage to docks and boats in San Diego.

  3. So glad you and your loved ones are safe. It's amazing how quickly the damage takes over the beauty of the land. And the thought of how long it will take to repair and replace is unbelieveable.

  4. So devastating. Thank you for those links. Through Gigi Hawaii, I was able to learn that Cloudia (Comfort Spiral) is OK. I hope all of yours are alright too.

  5. Thank you for the link, Maggie. It's just incredible that the tsunami could move so quickly across the Pacific and still retain enough strength to cause the damage it did.

    As of now, my aunt and uncle are still in their car in Sendai. We can't reach them yet because they're afraid to go into the house yet. It doesn't appear to be structurally sound now.

    We heard from the last friend in Tokyo that we were worried about. He said he couldn't answer our calls because he was in Osaka at a business meeting. For us... we're just relieved everyone is safe although many of them have lost so much.

  6. It all happens so quickly. My heart is breaking.

  7. So glad you're ok! Thanks for the links. It's really overwhelming. One moment everything's ok and the next the world has imploded.


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