April 29, 2011

Friday Very Lite

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Lots of nice totaled out cars and trucks. One truck exactly like Lessa’s Explorer with mismatched tires that held up very well.

Herself: I felt really well all day yesterday. Lightened up on the pool exercise, same amount of time just less pushing it, and felt very well.

  • I’ve not seen the wedding yet. G put it on DVD, and I’ll watch it tonight. Glimpses on the news tho. Lovely simply styled dress, Lots of gold on the princes. The Queen in yellow. Poof, and I am out of bed to here to the pool to work. I’ll have to check the schedules for a repeat. So many folks say they don’t care about this wedding, but I remember Queen Elizabeth’s wedding to Prince Phillip, I remember Princess Diana’s wedding to Charles, and now this bit of royal fuss for the new Duke and Duchess. It’s a small continuity in my own life.

  • Books yesterday too. I was unaccountably tired on Wednesday. I dragged through the day, and came home to a nap. Yesterday I was full of piss and vinegar so managed to get almost every book on those too full back shelves brought out to the front. Today will be spent dealing with one large donation, thank you, that fills a whole storage room. I can do this.

  • Food. We have been doing very well. Yesterday to the vegan place, The Loving Hut. Carrot juice has no points….oh hurrah. I was going to have a smoothie at 4 points….and for those who don’t do Weight Watchers, about 70 calories equals a point + or -. Instead I had a slice of cake. We disdained cake at the meeting where Don was the ten minute speaker. She was scared to death, but she did very well. Very late getting home.

  • Me. Newest sonnet tentatively titled “Obit” is coming along. Thanks to one of you, I have the punch line. Quilt is moving along. I laid it out on the bedroom floor yesterday; it still needs a little tweaking here or there, (removed one yellow block), but we have lift off to trim and sew.


  1. The quilt looks lovely and you did it all by yourself? Wow! I would love one for my bed, but I don't know how to make one.

  2. I went to Loving Hut for lunch with Faye! How funny! I had the lemon grass "chicken."

  3. I actually posted about the wedding...just now...just me.

  4. Friday. Another work day. Gah. I went out and found a white rose in the front garden, which made me smile.

    Quilt is lovey - and not pushing at the pool while still getting a workout is quite lovely too!

  5. I just LOVE your flower photos, Maggie! This quilt looks terrific!

  6. One perfect rose! Not a single flaw to be seen. The quilt layout reminds me of pac man. Is it all the blue squares? Love it--refreshingly modern.

    (here goes...let's see if it works this time!)

  7. Yaaaaay...operation successful! Just like the raid that took out you-know-who in Pakistan!

  8. What a weekend! We watched the wedding on Saturday, visited my mom on Sunday, and got the news about He Who Is Now Gone on Sunday night.

    The quilt is beautiful.


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