April 5, 2011

The Last Rose

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Making mild jokes after I harassed him about having a heart attack because of his long hours. 50% more chance, the news reported this morning. Still perusing Padres seats, and today is the home opener.

Herself: The last PT yesterday came with the reminder to keep doing the exercises every day forever and ever amen. Yes, noticeable improvements. For instance: I no longer have to take a running start to get in Grumpy. I can actually lift my leg up and get in just like a normal person.

Today’s the day I read two poems to the class. After I do that, I submit them to the poetry committee and cut in all the changes they suggest.

The essay “Cobb Salad,” came back with varied states of corrections. Two of the readers changed a comma here and a word there. The same comma and the same word….very useful corrections. Two other readers tore apart one paragraph, and on reading, I noted their corrections made sense, Not that I made all the changes, mind you.

I did rewrite my 150 word biography shrinking it to 52. That was an exercise in humor and deletion:

“Born here, raised there. Ran away from home to join the Army. Married, kids, did Hollywood in the sixties. College. Career as artist while raising two kids and a husband. Divorced. Madness. Recovery. Ocean Beach. Met and married “The Geezer”, graduated SDSU, work, art, writing, blogging, photography while growing older.”

I could have said far less, for instance “Joined Army,” instead of “Ran away to join the Army” but where is the fun in “Joined Army.”

So now that I have done this once, I am prepared for the deluge of comma changes and arguments that the sonnet needs rhyme, that the picture choice was inappropriate, et al. At least, I hope I am prepared and will send them off to the poetry committee after I have lunch with a member of the poetry committee.

Is that nepotism? A rhetorical question.


  1. That rose is just stunning. I feel like I can lean in and smell it.

  2. As John Wayne said of Mattie in True Grit, I like her, she reminds me of me. Dianne (also a runaway)

  3. Read, Smiled, Loved it. Back tomorrow!

  4. Just checking in and saying hello and catching up. Loved taht white quilt with the red embroidery, its like a story!

  5. You 52 words really grab the reader and make me curious and wanting to know more. Sounds like you're having an incredible life!

    Your rose is so spectacular that it almost made me forget to read your post. Wow!

  6. Picture choice inappropriate? So you are NOT a rose??

  7. Loved the bio. The rose is lovely.

  8. I love rhetorical questions!

    And "Ran away to join the Army" is very different from "joined the Army"!


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