April 25, 2011

Oh, Those Roses (With edits)

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Mr. Schmoose. He handled the newcomers very well.

Herself: 1. I need to stop taking things so seriously. 2. No Bee this morning...messages to leave messages in a very sad voice. I don't know if it is her mom who has Alzheimers, Mikey, or her Brother in Law. I hover.
We came, we saw, we wore ourselves out. Both of us have acres of rose photographs, but after a while enough was enough of even of roses. We went to our regular commitment after the convention, and slept like rocks last night.

It’s on to Weight Watchers this morning. Coffee and beets for breakfast, no fat yogurt after the pool, and lunch is a half no fat cheese sandwich with carrots, radishes, and 8 olives.

View across Mission Valley from our room. Imagine this valley as gentle farm and dairy land before the 1950’s.


  1. Your pictures are just what the doctor ordered! lol. Love the rose and the scene!

  2. Coffee and beets? Actually, that would be bad -- prolly better (healthier) than my Special K with raisins.

    Love the photos!!!!

  3. Beets.....no, no. Roses...yes, yes!

  4. Not going to get much protein from beets are you? Re the roses, rub it in why don't you. Dianne

  5. There has got to be something between pancakes and maple syrup and coffee and beats.... WW might work, but if it means keeping your weight down afterwards by continuing such a diet, sheessh.

  6. I never tire of seeing roses.


    You make me homesick for beautiful California!!


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