April 27, 2011

Parts is Not Parts

Yesterday and Today
Himself: He actually made it to the Quieter Home program meeting with three minutes to spare. Salad for dinner, and now he is back at work after working on my computer.

Herself: The mutton wasn’t as riotously received as some of the other essays. Made it to the meeting, met G, salad. Have idea for new sonnet and begun it.

Gratitude: The sun is out, the hills are golden, and we slept well.

  • We have signed the papers and now in 2013, or so depending on the funding, will have triple pained windows, heat and air, plus a maintenance bill to the HOA. All this so we can’t sue the port district for noise. They are going to seal us in here like sardines, and we are allowing them to do this so we have heat when it gets down to the 40’s in the winter. There are other awful details that disturb me such as dropped ceilings, and there are differences such as two walls in our place that don’t match the plans. More will be revealed in May when they make a home visit. I assure you I will defend my bathroom ceiling to the death.

  • Tho he has two jobs on his own computer to finish, my very kind man changed out the graphics card on my computer. After a brief break, I still had greyed images sliding off the monitor screen to the right. Stripes too. Bowing to my pleading, and I really should have kept my mouth shut, he switched my monitor with the one for the old computer. My nice giant 19 inch square monitor Moved over there, moved back here, and video cards played Russian Roulette. In the end, everything moved over a port, and I am here hovering in case things collapse again. I’m very spoiled and love my 19 inch square monitor. I do not like the long monitor that gives me only 16 inches of viewing space.

  • Then again, perhaps the most important question of the day is: How are you all viewing this. Are you using an oblong monitor such as a laptop? Or are you seeing your blogs on old style square monitors? If it is the latter, do I need to change my own formatting here so things look better on your monitors?


  1. I have a rectangular 17 inch Desk Top monitor for my Dell PC. Love it. Pretty rose, btw.

  2. My PC has two monitors...a regular and a large screen and my PC laptop Gateway has a regular monitor. People need to change their own screen sizes and viewing preferences because you cannot please everyone. Love the rose! Mine are just budding.

  3. Everything is fine here on my monitor. Just make it work for you. Love the photo...

  4. Looks good from here, I have a 19" rectangular desk top monitor, flat screen.

  5. My son in law helped me install a new larger oblong, 24" monitor. I LOVE it, especially with my bad eyes. However, you're right. What might look good on my oblong monitor might not be translating well on all of yours. Your blog looks great on mine though.

  6. 1. Let's hope it doesn't get to that with your b-room ceiling!

    2. LOVE THAT ROSE!!! Fragrant Cloud? South Seas??

    3. Interesting about G's dad. Tell G to go to this site: http://www.comcar.org/1st_ComCar/4th_Crew_Stories/h_patton_comm_sect_lg.htm. My dad is #25.

    4. Our friends Margie and Dave live in Liberty Station about 2 blocks from Trader's!

  7. It looks just perfect to me and the rose is maggie-nificent!!!!!


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