April 4, 2011


Yesterday and Today
Himself: Tho he isn’t singing this morning, he is making bad jokes. All is right in his world.

Herself: We tried a new spot for breakfast yesterday, and it didn’t work for me. The owners were nice, the food was good…tho the pancakes were dry, and the sausages were the best I had ever had. It all triggered an IBS attack on the way home. Still revising the Cobb piece for the anthology and working on two poems to be read tomorrow.

The cavernous Yardage Town up the hill in Claremont, hasn’t been discovered by the newly sewing kids yet. According to the newspaper, after watching the TV show “Project Runway,” young people are beginning to make their own clothes again. I didn’t want to sew yesterday, I just wanted to fix the existing sofa.

I have to confess, I hated sewing when I was in Junior High. The teacher gave me a simple shell blouse with facings to sew, and all I could do was cry.

Yesterday I managed to keep my tunnel vision to foam and white duck, and we headed home with a filled back seat that didn’t include all their marvelous fabrics. Back at the house, G measured, marked the foam, and ignoring my feeble attempts with the serrated knife, took over cutting the foam to size. Poof, the sofa was comfortable again….and the façade of the foam was covered.

Eying the remaining bit of foam, I got to thinking that it looked just like the vastly deficient seat for the Morris chair. G trimmed again and forced the new foam over the old foam inside the seat cover to create a seat that was sittable instead of sagable. Oh, it bulges a bit. But the newly plumped seat now not only holds up humans, it holds up the back rest too. It didn’t do that very well at all before.

We both felt very triumphant. He felt even more triumphant after a bit of hammering downstairs. I don’t know what he did, but he came upstairs to proclaim two projects finished. Perhaps it’s best I don’t know what he repaired.


  1. Good stuff!!!!! I'd love to borrow a cup or two of ambition from y'all!!!

  2. Well, bravo, nevertheless. With such effort, I hope all is well now!

  3. I love it when something jury-rigged works out, although this is not always the case at my house. I am in the process of getting a butterfly chair recovered. The current cover is in beautiful condition but does not match a single room in my house! So I am going to great expense to re-cover it. Maybe I will blog about the adventure, although right now it is a pretty tedious and boring project.

  4. Sometimes it's better not to know what Geezer types are doing.

  5. I was looking for a photo of the newly covered sofa, but given you posted a photo of the sofa yesterday and the old cover appears to have been white duck, I imagined it plumped up. How brave you are to have anything in your house white. I wouldn't stay white for long around here. Dianne

  6. I admire both of you for your skills and determinatio to make it work...I'm sure you are both pleased with the results.

  7. Good for you too, now I have to lie down and take a nap in your honor.

  8. Yikes! That photo is just so amazing! Thanks for teaching me about Photoshop.

    I wish I could sew better like all those other bloggers, but I just can't seem to stick to it.

  9. That's funny! "Perhaps it's best"... You're probably right.


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