April 3, 2011

To Sit or Not To Sit

The sofa is the problem. Photo, 2007.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: He found a kindred spirit in the birthday girl’s husband. They sat in the middle of the crowds and discussed computers and the Army…happily, forever.

Herself: Picked two poems. I’ll get them copied back to back when we are out today. Party…We didn’t know anyone but the birthday gir,l but we had a good time and ate too much. Did drop off clothes, a chopping board, and G’s old computer off at Lessa’s. She says it runs smoooooooth.

We really need to buy a new sofa. G sits bent over double reading the morning paper which he spreads out on the chest in front of him. I’m not doubled when I sit there, I’m tripled. My knees hurt, the back of my legs hurt, and I’m miserable when I sit there. He’s looking at old pictures of the sofa, and he insists that it’s always been a drop from the front board of about two plus inches. I’m insisting it was a flat surface from the front to the back for the cushions to sit on when the sofa was new. My suggestion is, “lets see why it has caved in so much.”

So the laundry is in the laundry. Shortly we will examine the sofa and go see what else is out there in sofa land.

Until we leave, I’m going to play with a few more roses. How do I do that?

First I crop the image very tightly. I use Photoshop Elements 6. Yes, it’s an old version, and yes I shouldda stuck to 5 as I could see sliders and other details in the light grey background. Next, I sharpen the rose till it is really crisp. Following that, I go to "Enhance," then to "Adjust lighting,” and deepen the "contrast" to about +24 to +30. Next right click on the "sponge tool, dodge tool, and burn tool" icon in the menu to the left. Choose the “dodge tool and set it to 12 percent. Highlight the light areas until they offer a really strong contrast to the darker shadows. Do with the ”burn tool” in the heart of the areas that need to be darker to deepen the contrast.

What I really need are more rose photos. Instead what I think I will do is go play with my sofa instead.


  1. I vote for replacing the sofa. Smething new is always fun when decorating.

  2. We bought a leather RECLINING sofa and loveseat and love both. Very comfortable to recline (just pull a lever), and the leather does not need vacuuming. Just swiff with a duster once a month and you're done.

  3. Our sofa does not sag. It is the fourth sofa in this marriage. I got it because the cute little love seat I bought in a whimsical moment was simply too small for a nap.

    The newish sofa is longer but the pillows at the back are so thick and firm, they push me on the floor if I try to lay on the sofa. Either that or I have gotten bigger. I prefer to believe the former. I mean, who cannot lay on a sofa??

    Love your ship motif for the new? covers?

  4. You sound the same way I am with my amaryllis. So do tell...why do you need more rose photos?

  5. New sofa good, old sofa bad. Mine sags where I sit, surprise, surprise.

  6. I also need to replace a sofa. It is quite old and a bit battered but is a three seater and has two sets of washable covers. And it has a nice chintzy look which one doesn't see too often.
    I find leather slithery and chilly.
    Also it is getting more difficult to get up out of it. I have a snooze on it most days.

  7. Looking for a new sofa, too. springs are GONE!! Now I wonder whose fault that is?? :)

    That quilt is lovely!

  8. I just plumb love that quilt! Let me know when you're ready to get rid of it. Oh, and I read (the next post) that you did recover the couch. It looks beautiful in this picture; it must be even better now! Your ambition PLUS ability just flat out floors lazy me! That and posting nearly every single day! How do you do it?


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