May 7, 2011

Flash and Bling

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Another day of matching wrecks. One sandwich, and the next the one that hit the back. He got all but two done. He’s smiling tho.

Herself: …offers an opinion: I do not like any lite, light, almost light, and very light mayonnaise.

In the midst of delightful jewels and faux everything, I learned a simple lesson. I am responsible for myself and my choices.

I got to the store an hour early, before we opened, to set aside my choices from the jewelry sale. I found some very good bling that would make my navy blue dress look more, and I was suckered in by a wonderful copper necklace and matching 1950’s bracelet. There had been a simple gold bracelet also, and dangly blue lumpy chain, and some tiny fake diamonds that match a necklace G bought for me a few years ago. A little pile.

I gave them to the lady behind the counter to keep with hers. The minute the doors opened, we were wall to wall shoppers. And donators too. By the time me and my no voiced body were free, someone had sold the bling and the copper. The lesson of the day is to take your choices with you or put your name on them.

I was lucky. No one wanted the gold bracelet. Perhaps it looked too small. The manager showed me how to push a little button, and it opened so I could get it on. The blue lumpy chain got returned to the racks, and the little bling circles were put in my hand by G.

And ya know….someone needed the bling and copper far more than I. But for a few moments, I was seriously dissapointed.


  1. In 2001, I gave most of my jewelry to my daughters. They took turns picking.

    Then, I started buying new pieces and have a small stash to give away again in a few years.

  2. Sorry you missed your choice pieces. Perhaps there is something good waiting the next time around.

    My grandmother was a huge gatherer of costume jewelry in her time and oddly when she died no one wanted it but me. Now I get to pass it out to 7 grandgirls who want it very much indeed.

  3. Aww that's really too bad. I love costume jewelry myself on occasion but definitely learned to either take it with me or ask the clerk specifically to keep it with me. Then again, I almost always buy from the same store so they know me, lol.

  4. I go between wearing only a few pieces and then having too much that clutters up my jewelry box. I guess I should invest in some good jewelry and just wear that...

  5. I hope the lady behind the counter had a good explanation! ? Fink. (My google reader is such a help! I use it too, now.)

  6. I changed my mind! Make that "RAT" fink! You can tell I said so.

  7. A little reminiscent of the Gift of the Magi perhaps?

  8. That just means there is something better coming your way.



  9. Awwww... I'm sorry about that. I do know your feeling of disappointment.

    I don't wear much jewelry at all these days, not since I stopped working. I guess people in Hawaii don't wear much.

  10. A little bling once in a while does make us feel good, doesn't it?

  11. It sounds as though the sale was a success at least.
    I'm never very comfortable with much jewelry. But I love to see it on others. The bling can make the outfit.
    There is more where that came from!

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