May 9, 2011

The Geezer Buys a Rug

Before: The old red Bokhara with a blue rug thrown over it.

We had two free hours on Saturday so decided to go to a few estate sales. The first was a moving sale run by our favorite estate sale lady. Nothing we needed there, but seeing the Kensington house was fascinating. The second was up in Del Cerro across the freeway from San Diego State University. Up a long steep drive to again find nothing interesting.

Just in passing I mentioned that there was one more sale just up the hill. There in the drive of the McMansion were the leavings from a moving-in sale. Very high end stuff…with two rugs. He immediately began dickering for the biggest of the two rugs telling me that I had wanted a blue rug.

Yes, Dale and John’s dog ate a hole in the 10x12 foot Bokhara, and yes I have the missing piece that the vacuum ate.

So we carefully tied the rolled up rug into Grumpy, and yes we never take Grumpy but G’s Toyota was in the shop, and we brought it home. We recruited our weight lifter neighbor, and they brought it up the stairs to the living room.

Mother’s day morning, after a delightful visit from Lessa and MJ, it only took an hour to gut the room, pull out the old rug and pad, wax the floor to remove stuck on gunk from the pad, and lay down the new blue rug which is 12x14. No one will notice it curling up the front of the white bookcase.

No quilts, half the pillows, no heater, and the dining room table down to the garage. Simplification. Though it looks a bit cold and empty now, I bet when the summer temperatures edge toward the 90’s at the beach we will appreciate the room’s coolness.


  1. That rug looks just beautiful. I wish I had one just like it.

  2. Beautiful! Do you know its history? Where did they get it?

  3. Love your blue and white color scheme. And that blue rug is to die for! Congrats on the great find.

  4. The old one looked mighty good (despite the chewed piece) but the blue adds zing! It looks so fresh! I love it.

  5. I think it looks absolutely wonderful! I love Oriental rugs!

  6. Oddly enough I love both the before and the after!! They are both nice rooms!

  7. I love it too. Beautiful addition to the room. And I loved the room "before" picture as well. The room looks so cozy and a decorating "how to do it" magazine.

  8. Very nice rug, and the room is just the place I'd curl up with a book, so soothing.

  9. I think it's beautiful. (Though I would miss the small rug you had on top of the Bokhara.) May you have years of enjoying this one.


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