June 20, 2011

Day's Start

Award Winners: A wall of folded quilts behind plastic at the fair. Another wall of quilts below. 2010.

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Himself: He gets up at five, and he has half an hour with the paper and coffee. At 0530, he hauls my coffee up, turns on his computer, downloads and prints the day’s jobs then heads off to the gym. Lessa brought G two cards….one from Zoe, and a 4 bran muffin; she took home one of the new monitors. We donated the long one to the Cancer Society.

Herself: I’m a far less dedicated person. Coffee and paper in bed, blog, then gym at 0715. Today I need to finish a sonnet and start a new one after talking with Bee at nine.

WW foods for the day: Breakfast: Yogurt and a banana. Lunch: Half sandwich and olives. Dinner: Six inch subway sandwich and a cookie at Subway. I discovered that they have fat free dressing to put on their sandwiches….and it works.

Purelandmountain.com offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local fauna.
We did a full week’s grocery shopping yesterday. Note, I said “we.” What a pleasure to have someone with me to haul the stuff up my 14 ladder like steps. What a pleasure to buy more than two to three days food at a time.

I had an actual list of those things we’d run out of. When the chili powder comes up empty, or the salt, we put the empty container at the end of the counter. There should be a pad and pen in the kitchen, but it’s feet away in the living room. So we had the list, and we had G’s desire for simple food.

I punted. I took the pad, and as we went along I jotted menus down for the foods we were buying. Meat loaf again, same recipe….he likes it, and this time it will be turkey. Meat loaf, roasted green beans and a veggie salad comprises one dinner. Open faced meat loaf sandwich with a potato salad a second meal. Imagine too, enough nice thick, Greek yogurt for a whole week. No running out of that on a Sunday morning.

Of such small things as company at the grocery store is triumph made.

Zero Fat Potato Salad a la Vons: serves 2

3 small red potatoes
2 stalks celery
1 ring of red onion
Honey Mustard Dressing

Cook the potatoes and cut in bite sized pieces. While the potatoes are cooking, wash, string, and cut celery at a sharp angle. Slice a thick center slice of the red onion, and cut that in half to make half rings. Put everything in a bowl and toss with just enough dressing to coat.


  1. I can't manage with a list in the living room; it has to be in the kitchen! If you don't want it on the counter, consider putting it on the inside of one of your cabinet doors...

    I just remembered, you have glass doors in your cabinets? All of them?

    I need a place to hide stuff; no cupboard windows for me.

  2. I haven't eaten, much less made, potato salad in months. Now, you have whetted my appetite. Too bad you have so many steps to your home. I thank God there are no stairs to mine.

  3. Mage, thank you so much for your kind comments with my travels. I was feeling really exhausted and barely able to get my posts up, but your words really keep me going. I think I'm starting to recuperate from the jet lag and stress... barely.

  4. Beautiful quilts....and the grocery shopping sounds like it went very well too. The potato salad sounds great....so simple with such fresh tastes.

  5. Hi, Mage, lovely quilts, always worth taking note of, and thanks for sharing your recipes and trips to the gym. It inspires me to keep up with my own dietary changes and exercise. Gives me a nudge when I want to just read and nap all day.

  6. The quilts, as always, make me smile! And the recipe just got copied!!!! I can hardly wait to try it!

  7. The recipe is inspiring. I like anything with mustard.

  8. I clip my list on the refrigerator side with magnets. A pen rests through a special little magnetized gizmo I picked up somewhere (a bullet looking thing with slanted holes all the way through)...easy as pie!
    You're being so diligent in your eating and cooking habits, you'll look as svelte as you do in the photograph (next post--reading backwards). You know, I believe the best favor we can pay ourselves in trying to control our diets is by doing most of our meals at home. While restaurant food can be delicious, too much can make you gain weight notoriously and we have no idea how much fat they put in to make it taste so good! Bravo both of you for your progress.


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