June 11, 2011

Interim Smalls

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Still had two wrecked trucks to do after breakfast this morning.

Herself: You can find us at an estate sale before he goes to work.

Purelandmountain.com offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local fauna.

  • In the antique and collectable business, smalls are little things like salt and pepper shakers. Today’s entry thinks about a different kind of small.

  • Underwear. Those sexy black, silky bits of underwear that I couldn’t get into two months ago are now loose on me. I had to laugh when I realized what was happening. Oh, I look in the mirror and all those awful bulges look the same. Bad, actually. But the reality is that much of my clothing is loose. Some pieces are actually falling off. Bras: tho there is lots of extra me around the sides, didn’t you really want to know that, my bras don’t fit. There’s lots of extra fabric around in front. I’m amazed.

  • Shirts. I just bought a couple of big brand name made shirts at the thrift store….it seems like yesterday. They do not fit. Nice colors, major brands, and incredible styles, but they do not fit. I mourn their loss especially knowing that these great pieces won’t ever show up again. Double darn it. One pair of pants never got worn. I spent six dollars on a pair of Ralphies…..now they fall off me. Yesterday I bought a pair of grey Ralphies that are a bit tight. Two sizes smaller than where I started. The ladies in the store liked the fit, so for six bucks I own grey Ralphies.

  • While G is now wearing just extra large vs. 2 and 3xl, he also notes that he’s half way to his final goal. 50%. Here I have been eating right along side of him and have reached the 5% point to my final goal. Oh, I confess, I enjoyed every bite getting here fat, but I put an appalling amount of weight on after I quit smoking. I knew it would happen, and it’s worth it. But G is melting away in a far, far faster fashion. Grrr….

  • I signed up yesterday for weight training. “What are your goals,” the nice trainer asked. “I want to be able to get out of the pool and out of the tub using my arms,” I said. I know that I just let go of all my upper body strength to avoid pain in my hands and wrists after surgery on both. Now, let’s see if this can be partially repaired. “Did you lead a sedentary life?” She asked again. “I was never sedentary,” I replied. “I worked my way through school doing heavy labor….ditto the years I worked at the pools when I also walked 3 miles to work.” She told me that all those muscles were still there. That was encouraging. I paid.

  • Forms. To do weight stuff, I have to have a doctor’s form….which I have already had signed, but I have to fill out the form. I feel really good. I bound around, with a limp because of my stuck hip, but I bound around feeling good most days now. The form says that if you answer yes to any question, not only do you have to have the doctor’s form, you will feel really badly about yourself. Have you had a: Stroke - yes, Hypertension - yes, Peripheral vascular disease - yes….oh, the list went on and on. Here I thought I was going to die coughing. After saying yes to the list, I know my vascular system is gonna get me.

  • Today while G is keeping the kiddies off the Pontiacs at the museum, I’m going to try on pants. My own. Yesterday’s pants needed a belt. The new tan Ralphies fell off, and I am betting there are more problematic pants in my closet that will fall off my still-there muffin tops. I cannot afford to replace any of them, but I can no longer wear many of them. I can fold the best of them to be taken in for the interim. Perhaps this evening, we can go to Victoria’s Secret to be fitted for an interim bra. Life isn’t just change, it’s also interim s.


    I wish I could lose that much weight.

  2. Wonderful, aren't you proud of yourself? Ya oughta be. I'm taking my too-bigs to a consignment store here. Hopefully they will sell and I can make a new purchase or two. Even a small wardrobe can be expensive to replace but you've got the years you're adding to your life to do it and that's so cool.

  3. Pants needing belt, others falling off... sure sounds like good news over here.

  4. You are doing great! I think that which you gained last will go away first (if that makes any sense).

    I have read that muscles you learned to use while very young are the easiest to recondition. ("Who, me?" I might say. And the doctor says, "did you walk to school?" Indeed!)

    I love all your rose photos. I wore yellow roses when we left for our honeymoon, way back when.

  5. Congratulations on all the weight loss and shifting. Having clothes become too big is HUGE (no pun intended)

  6. I think my problem is that I was so active as a younger person that any slowing down today is augmented by lower metabalism and the two together work against me. How's that for a rationale? Dianne

  7. Men always seem to lose weight faster. Very irritating, but hang in there. You're doing great. You almost inspire me to go back to WW.
    Fat Old Artist

  8. Your picture of yourself in your mind needs to catch up with the reality of your current body. Congratulations on all of your hard work, and all of the results you are seeing.

  9. Back at the computer so I can leave you a comment. YAY! Getting skinny is always a good thing! Proud of you!

  10. I'm really proud of you for sticking to it, although it's hard to see any other part of you other than that great big smile that always seems to be there--even in your writing. It really begins to seem worthwhile when you see the results you're seeing!

  11. Congratulations on all the weight loss. Guys you are doing great. keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!

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