July 15, 2011

Eating Out Weekend

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Himself: Totaled out four vehicles yesterday….one didn’t have air bags. He had the carrot cake.

Herself: It was a very good day….all but the chocolate cake. Lost two pounds. Cheating on the pool this morning….it’s cheat or no blog. I’d rather write.

WW foods for the day: I did really well right up to the desert. Did I say desert. Breakfast and lunch were the usual. Dinner: Lettuce wraps, Mongolian beef, and chocolate cake. Oh, guilt.

Purelandmountain.com offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local flora and fauna.

  • Eating out Thursday: Lunch at Du Pars with a poem in hand….now rewritten a few times. Dinner: Restaurant Review: We have four days of eating out upon us. That’s pretty frightening stuff when you are doing Weight Watchers and trying to eat carefully. Thursday we usually take a sponsee out to dinner and talk. She didn’t feel well, so, in search of a new vegetarian restaurant, we drove up to Claremont to visit a new Vegan place ”Sipz.” Nope the lettuce wraps didn’t make it if you are fond of PF Changs lettuce wraps, but my Mongolian veggies were really good and G’s Cha Siu was excellent. His Carrot cake needed more frosting, but my chocolate cake was to die for. One can easily gain weight on vegan foods especially the deserts.

  • Eating Out Friday: We will pack our lunches, so this one meal will be within WW rules, but dinner will be at one of the local fish houses with friends. I do better at the Portuguese spot that doesn’t deep fry everything, but then again their superior slaw is 99% sugar. Yes, I got the recipe from a waitress. Yes, I am grinning.

  • My camera isn’t ready. The repair man said it was repairable, and we said take your time. Perhaps I shouldn’t have said that. No one has heard from the shop yet, and I am getting nervous. I still can’t use the Macro setting on the fancy new camera that G got me. Yes, it’s solid and well made, but it’s a very complicated point and shoot. I’ve been taking G’s camera to the Store to do my photos for our Facebook page there. (I’ve already dropped G’s camera once out of my purse.) It’s taken me forever to learn the ins and outs of the Facebook photo albums, but that’s probably because I’m seventy not twelve. I’ve gotten good enough so that I can show other’s how to get there. That strikes me as very amusing.

  • Eating Out Saturday: It’s potluck picnic time for volunteers of the Automotive Museum. The new Pontiac show got a good spread in the local paper this morning. I will get to see it tomorrow after a veggie burger and an assortment of superior foods that aren’t on our list. Tomorrow night we have a Feasters gathering at Du Par’s here in our town. Very fifties…..since I ate lunch there yesterday, I can speak to this.

  • Eating Out Sunday: Breakfast home then lunch heading north to help celebrate Lessa’s 7th birthday….with cake. Somewhere here, I have to bake my sheet cake for the evening meeting. Dinner a 6 inch veggie sandwich at Subway. That’s the fewest points especially when not eating all the bread.

  • Eating Out Monday: There will be adventures here this weekend. There will be wonderful people over some excellent food here too. I’ve told the Geezer that I need to know how to use the new camera’s macro by dinner tonight so I can show you all the wonderful foods we aren’t supposed to be eating. By Monday afternoon, I will have devolved into a baked potatoe and tossed green salad at home, and the adventures will only be memories caught in the eye of a camera.


  1. Delightful! Sounds like a divine "progressive dinner" that lasts a few days!

  2. I think I have gained 5 lbs....but in a good way.

  3. I ate in Du Pars, in LA, the first time I went to California, in 1953. Maybe I shouldn't think about it.

  4. Mission accomplished!!! You made me hungry!!!!

  5. When the going gets tough, the tough get eating. I read every word and salivated all the way through. I don't like chocolate cake, but I love veggie restaurants. Yum, Yum. Dianne

  6. I brought food in today. Good luck with the macro! I'm having the worst time with mine on my Canon. My Olympus used to be so wonderful, but this Canon really frustrates me.

  7. Sometimes I think it would be easier just to not eat at all. Having choices is sometimes dangerous! :)

    I've screwed up something on my Canon and have yet to figure out how to 'unscrew' it. v I'm working on it.


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