July 4, 2011

Moving Right Along

Swinging high in the sky at the San Diego County Fair, YouTube Video, 2011.

The Sidebar
Himself: He got to walk the swap meet where he found some delightful things to spoil his wife with. And he had fun.

Herself: Fun fair, fun visit with Kay and we got her to the airport on time, forgot the oil in the cake….oh, woe is me, but the fluffy cream cheese frosting was a huge hit and the cake edible. Today we are heading out to the wilds of the hot backcountry to share BBQ with friends. I’ll like all but the heat.

WW foods for the day:The fair day included deep fried Chocolate covered bacon, a cream puff, and half a piece of fudge. Oh, guilt….tho we were still within our WW points allowance. Yesterday included a cheese omelet, half a biscuit, and a tablespoon of butter. Dinner was a half turkey sandwich at Subway followed by a tiny piece of my cake….which is why I know it was dry but edible.

Purelandmountain.com offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local flora and fauna.

Yes, we had fun at the fair. Lots of fun. It was a car themed entry, and the Car Guy and I captured as many cars as we could on pixel. We even found car related signs.

The museum’s car in the fair’s car area costs $150,000.00 When The Geezer told me that, my jaw fell to the floor. Yes, I’m sure we all want to be kinder to the environment, but who has that kind of money for an electric car.

An officer with the Sherriff’s Department talking about the effects of drunk driving. This was one of the worst wrecks I’ve ever seen. It was hit by a Ford Ranger going a high rate of speed as it exited the freeway. In the center of the wreck, the small square shape is all that’s left of the driver’s seat. The engine and transmission were no longer with the car when the police arrived. The young woman driver didn’t survive.

Chevy was pushing it’s new fleet all over the fair. If he drove an Equinox, he could drive the new Camero with the new small 6 cylinder engine. He loved it.

On our way to see the race cars, we stopped to watch the giant fire engine roaringly go round in great circles.

They had some of the most beautiful cars tucked away in the off track betting area….the classic race cars.

Parked in front of some of the many trailers and trucks is one of the Monster trucks. I was more interested in the living quarters of the fair and carnie folks.

Sometimes I walked, sometimes I rode. Renting a scooter was the best thing we have ever done.

As we headed home, we could see over the roofs of thousands of cars and over the top of the 5 freeway, hot air balloons rising into the incoming fogs.


  1. So, tell me, do you have to get a licence to drive one of those scooters? I have encountered some people that certainly should!

  2. My favorite shot is of the old guy in the motorized scooter. Now that's my kind of transportation. Dianne

  3. Loved the little Smart Car.....looks like you two had a grand time at the fair.
    How was the chocolate covered bacon? I really want to try that.

  4. The Tango costs that much because it is experimental. When it hits the market, it will go for about $20,000. Plus, the one you saw has a $800,000 paint job!

  5. I'm not sure I could get in or out of that little car!!!


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