July 7, 2011

Oh Hold

The Carnival Elation and the Queen Mary, Long Beach 2010. ©

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Himself: Really hot out there. Simple dinner home last night. He lost a pound despite eating the weekend away. They say he has only 4 hours of vacation. He’s supposed to have 10 days a year. He has used none.

Herself: Gained a pound. Trying not to be upset about his vacation hours. We will know more later.

WW foods for the day: Breakfast and lunch were the usual plus a rolled taco and some orange fluff salad. Dinner hamburger stead and caprese salad.

Purelandmountain.com offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local flora and fauna.

I lost my driver’s license yesterday morning. Yes I looked everywhere, but only when himself came home from the gym and began tearing the truck apart, did I glance toward the laundry pile and see it peeking out from my gym shorts. Ah, reality. Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself….all the time. I thought I’d worn another pair of shorts…..she says hitting herself on the head.

New mountains of books greeted me at the shop. There were enough volunteers that I was able to play with books all day. The dear card lady helped and put the half sale books in bags for Father Joe. They were supposed to go in boxes, so one of the long term volunteers told me. There weren’t boxes to do this, I told her. Smiling. Then I pulled out all the books that were hiding in a side room when the big bookcases were sold....Yes. Got them shelved too. Hurrah.

Home to finish the piece on the Queen Mary and the Queen Elizabeth. There are some amazing shots of the Queen Elizabeth burning….copyrighted so I can’t show you. Here’s a link to some dramatic photos of the Queen Elizabeth/Seawise University after the arson fire.

So I’m off to the gym, the poets group, and back to the store with a camera I can use. No, I can’t get the macro function to work right in the new camera. It’s me not the camera. I’ll do the gym again this afternoon, and plan for dinner out all while holding my breath that the Geezers HR office finds his lost 10 days of vacation.


  1. How can they 'lose' his vacation days??? This has to be a clerical error.... annoying though, huh?

    Those photos of the ships are so disconcerting to me -- not sure why...

  2. I love such productive days!!!! Hope they find G's vacation days!!!! A vacbation sounds great!

  3. First I wondered, "How did she get that photot?" Then I said "Oh Golly, What'd she do to lose her license?" Fortunately you have provided a link to help with the first reaction, also a laugh. Me, I lose my glasses all the time. Dianne

  4. If they can't "find" the 10 vacation days, can they verify that he hasn't taken any vacation days and give him the benefit of the doubt? I hope so.....I hate when the computer system messes with employee's information.

  5. I looked at the photo and thought, she must be hanging from the halyard...except it isn't a sailboat. Surely they will figure out the vacation day snafu!

  6. I'm so glad you found your driver's license and I hope he finds his vacation days.

    I have trouble with my macro all the time.


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