July 27, 2011

Quilts Filling the Corners of my Mind

Quilt top I picked up for a back on the “Blue Quilt”. July 2011.

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Himself: G actually got all his wrecks written, and it was his turn to pick the movie for Tuesday Movie night. Replacing the NCIS duo with a movie has proved a success. Last night was the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice.”

Herself: Had an amazing day. These kinds of days are to be treasured.

WW foods for the day: Dinner was a 1 point cold slaw with a real cheddar cheese sandwich. Boy was that grilled cheese good. We are using “Zero” for sugar without the dramatic bathroom interruptions to the day.

Purelandmountain.com offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local flora and fauna.

I amazed myself yesterday with all that I got done for myself. At the end of my day, curled up in bed next to the Geezer, There was a comfortable smile on my face.

After my morning swim, which I am skipping this morning because Bee will be arriving shortly, I finished off that pile of dealer donated books to the Cancer Society. I read one of my books over lunch, wrote most of another poem, laid out the quilt top I bought as a back, sewed on the blue quilt, and ran errands….smoothly segueing one into the other.

Two months ago, this blue quilt top came into the shop as a donation. It has all the fabrics that were used to make it also. There’s also enough of a solid blue that was to be used as a backing. I confess, I’ve been more than lazy with this blue quilt. It sits in the living room taking up space reminding me that I need to get to work. No work.

When this quilt top arrived at the shop, it was priced at $75.00 dollars. I hardly spared it a second look. This week, all the two month old stuff went to 25% off. When taking some books back to the shop, I had one of those light bulb moments. With my employee discount, that brought it down to 45% off. But Monday was senior day. So there was 25% off, and 20% off for employee discount, and Monday there was an additional 20% off for being an old lady. Suddenly this blue quilt top was within my financial reach.

Once I unfolded it, I discovered the blues were dead. They aren’t jumping around with the excitement of being blue as is the blue on that pillow above. Still, having the back done even in boring blues, makes me leap to my sewing machine and get a row or two done. Progress at last.

Speaking of quilts. Dear Geezer brought the ladder upstairs, and we pulled all the quilts in storage above his closet down. For the first time in years I could see the happy few that we own. Lovely soft things on those two bookcase shelves. They make me smile. Just for a moment, I’m a quilt lady instead of a book lady.


  1. The quilts look so cozy and appealing. I just want to visit them! Good for you on completing so many little tasks. I'm sure your day was very special. I bet you could spray them with Frebreze if there are any lingering smells from being stored for so long.

  2. Blue is my favorite color, and while the quilt blues are a bit dark they are magnificent with the pillows. What a fine eye you have for color. And, I want your quilt. Dianne

  3. With all your books and all your quilts, how do you keep your house looking so clean and simple?? Mine is clean but hardly neat looking.

  4. What a glorious bargain! You shop like I do! If it isn't a bargain, it doesn't come home! I just love your quilts!

  5. You have such a gorgeous home, Mage! I'm so in awe of your talent with home decorating. You have a very artistic eye for color and design.


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