August 2, 2011

Food and Other Things of Importance

Northern California rice fields under water; Views from a train, 2007.

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Himself: Huge piles of “reinspections” this morning which entail his calling each one and asking, “Have you had the car fixed?” Some just take the money and run.

Herself: Beginning a new poem. Sewing rows on the quilt.

WW foods for the day:Breakfast and lunch the usual. Dinner a kale and potatoe soup with a blogger grown fresh green salad to die for. Fake chocolate for desert. offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local flora and fauna.

  • BlogHer is coming to my town, and I thought this might be something exciting to do one day this coming weekend. After reading articles about how to pack light which include details like Phone, laptop, tablet, camera, cords and cables, I suddenly felt very old. Clothing suggestions made me feel even older. The articles on thrift store shopping were interesting tho for the twenty year old not the 70 year old blogger. I’m more attuned to Ronni Bennett’s blog. Today’s article on falls certainly applies to me. I’m good at falling.

  • Monies from the Key trust have been disbursed at last. The Key trust is a trust fund set up by a long dead family member in the 1800’s. He arranged it so his sister could live in the comfort to which she had grown accustomed…. not knowing she would live into her hundreds. The trust once comprised the heart of the Cleveland loop before downtowns fell into disuse then rebirth. He arranged the trust to be disbursed when a niece, the youngest member of the family at his death, died. There were few of us left when the niece did die and little money. The bank needed to recertify us all before it would be disbursed. Why it took so long to disburse, I do not know. I have no idea what my grandmother thought of her uncle’s long standing trust, but my mother thought it might be disbursed to my children one day. I thought so too.

  • Fresh Tomatoe Tart, that’s on the agenda for this evening’s dinner. The days are hot, I am lazy, and we need something beyond simple and low fat for dinner. I saw a picture of this in Food magazine and was captivated. No sauce needed. Tiny bits of mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil….for the lazy on a Boboli crust. I can do this, and G will enjoy it. What more could I want.


  1. Hope your portion of the Trust can be used for your vacation. I know just what you mean about the hot weather making cooking or even planning a meal difficult. We are eating way too many sandwiches just because....

  2. I would love to see your kale and potato soup recipe. I look with interest at your daily foods. Good for you for being so faithful to your diet.

    As for trusts, how interesing. I wish someone had left me something, even a little something. That must be nice. Rice paddies are interesting too. So much water in such a dry place. Dianne

  3. What a lovely man that uncle was to try to take care of his sister and descendents. I hope you get enough to enjoy and remember him by.

  4. By the way, that tomato tart sounds really yummy!


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