August 18, 2011

Getting Lost Day

Views from a Train: Central California valley farmland; it goes by so fast. 2007.

Just today I woke at four thinking. That of course, get’s me in trouble every time.

Last year, I got lost trying to find the mammogram clinic. There’s a business mall high above the freeway off truly obscure roads, and it’s on a giant loop. Round and round I went last year. The Geezer must have gone with me the year before as I have no memory of getting lost then. I certainly got lost last year.

So my brain got to working this morning in the dark. The FedEx and Brown planes repeatedly, and illegally, landed over us keeping me awake. I’d start to doze off and ….rrrrrRRRRRoarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..another plane, and there I’d be awake and thinking.

I’d worry about Mohave and Lenora taking their geographical, unable to talk about it, hating me. Oh such negativity. Then I’d doze and start to get lost on my way to the mammogram again just when the next FedEx plane would rrrrrRRRRrrrrooooarrrr over. Even though they acquire huge fines for this, that fact doesn’t quiet my brain.

So I got up…still thinking, very good alcoholic type thinking, printed my poem for the day, tried to print a map as G has the GPS, and finally, after typing this, I’m headed for the shower. Gotta get yesterday’s deodorant off. Gotta get ready to get lost, don’t I.


  1. I don't know where you are but if the brown planes are keeping you awake you must be home.

    Hopefully, when you leave for the mammogram you won't be stepping off the train in the middle of nowhere in the midddle of the night.

    Your thoughts sound a lot like mine. Isn't it mysterious how what seemed so important at 3 or 4 in the morning, can seem so inconsequential at high noon the next day? How important is it?

  2. If you get lost, you were meant to take a detour. Take heed.

  3. Good luck finding the mammogram place. Hope you got there quickly and got home safely.

  4. Good luck, Mage. It'll be over in a jiffy! I get lost all the time.


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