August 5, 2011

Marvelous Usuals

The rolling hills of inland California with oak trees garlanding the earth lines. 2007.

The Sidebar
Himself: PF Chang’s for dinner. No more Phillips Better Lemon Chicken. Container shop for a new laundry basket. This time we chose one with liner bags so we don’t have to carry the whole metal thing down two flights of stairs.

Herself: Wore pants two sizes smaller than when I started the new way of eating. The piece I read yesterday was shredded by the poets. It’s as if I forgot every lesson I’d learned in the last many years. Books today, hurrah!

WW foods for the day: Breakfast and Lunch, the usual. Dinner Mongolian Beef, rice. offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local flora and fauna.

  • To answer questions: Desktop Pictures: In all previous versions of Windows, it was a very easy thing to change images. Not with Windows7….no matter how you have them organized on your HD, it’s hard. Yes, I have them by year, by subject, by date within subject, and some folders have even more subfolders within the primary folder. This time, when you click on properties then browse, the folders don’t show. Every photo on your hard drive does. Over a hundred thousand photographs scrolled by my eyes creating cacophony. Having no hand eye coordination made it all harder. Ah, for the good old days of simplicity.

  • The Geezer Question: He’s better. He had a cyst removed, and the surgery site became infected. He’s been back to the doc and is lazily initiating heat treatment.

  • A busy weekend upcoming. Again, the garage has grown into wall to wall unorganized stuff. And more stuff. I want the small drop-leaf table top installed next to the washer which will necessitate moving the recycle bin which will necessitate moving all the wood that’s stored in the far corner. Endlessly reshuffling stuff, that’s going to be us this weekend. There’s two dining room tables now, one overstuffed chair, one chopping block, and one mission style library table in storage in the garage. Hopefully the barrel chair will get recovered starting this coming week. The other stuff will still be there. In the way.

  • Followed by a quiet week. We have a fancy something or other at the Automotive Museum Friday night, but the week itself borders on boring normal. Marvelously quiet too. One has to cherish things like that. The following week looks like wall to wall doctor’s appointments. Monday morning there are two at 0730 and 0830. Once a year checkups…and it will be good to get them done. Until then I will enjoy the ordinary.


  1. Tell G. I hope he gets better soon.

  2. I haven't had Mongolian Beef in ages. Hope G is better soon. I had a cyst in my jaw last year. Surgery, infection, yuck!! I like the idea of garlands of oaks. Lovely. Dianne

  3. Love your photos, no matter how you find them.
    Ordinary is a gift.

  4. Sorry about the Geezer's problem--hope he's better soon. Congratulations on the new size! That's impressive!!!! Pictures please when the time is right.


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