September 12, 2011

Fireboat John J. Harvey

We had a quiet day yesterday. I managed to watch some of the footage of the towers as they fell, and too this video of the retired fireboat brought back to save the day. I also listened to some of the personal stories. I kept all of them in my thoughts throughout the day. It was the best I could do.

We had a few moments of frightening slapstick when the board prez broke into the place next to us to shut off water running freely from a hose on the back deck. Someone now has to tell the gaggle of boys that live there that she did this….and took pictures. We also had a few hours of quiet comfort on top of a mountain late in the day.

Today the kids march by on the way to school, and I survey the appointment book. Today at 0830, there’s a half hour appointment with the “Quieter Home Program” folks. One wall has a bookcase they didn’t take into account, and they plan to put a heating vent out right into the middle of it. They are the ones sticking the new windows in as well as heat and air…for free. We just can’t sue them if an airplane falls on us. We took that trade off. Tomorrow I get a shot in my hip, and hopefully it will work better when they are done. Thursday I’m back to the eye doc to finish the eye exam interrupted by the blackout of last week.

Simple stuff.

Next week, we pack. Imagine. That week in the appointment book looks very bare. I so like that. Maybe by the time we hit the rails, I will be a more mobile entity.


  1. It all sounds like good planning, especially the mobility part. I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip. I'd like to do the same thing myself some time, so I'll be particularly interested in the rail part of it.

  2. 'We also had a few hours of quiet comfort on top of a mountain late in the day.'
    That has me green with envy.

  3. I am so glad you enjoyed your day and your mountain. Thank you for sharing such a rich treat of words.

  4. Your week sounds a bit like mine, back doctor, eye doctor, etc. Good luck with the shot. Dianne

  5. It won't be long now until you are on the road again -railroading your way across the country. I know you are both excited.

  6. For your train trip!

  7. I still haven't had a moment to rest since returning from our Alaska trip. It'll be better once our guests leave in another day. I have so much to do.

    I'm really excited for you. I know you're going to have a fabulous trip. It'll be fun for me to experience somebody else's trip now.

  8. Take care of yourself and get well. I hope you are able to post pictures on your blog while traveling. That would be just great!


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