October 24, 2011

A Day of Traveling Things

A barn from the fast moving train. Photo Copyright RGB 2011.

Already on the seat of the truck is a pair of newer black pants. I dumpt another desert on them. Face down, of course. A new, used, virulent pink pair of shoes needs to go to the shoe repair shop. A little elastic bit on one sling back is slung beyond usage.

“Hello, Darlink,” he will say while his wife glowers and his dogs snore.

Then to the cleaners where I have a good sized pile to pick up while dropping off the gloppy black pants.

Menus? What shall we have for dinner. It’s a nice beef stew sort of day. I can hear my vegetarian friends going, “Ewwwwwwwwwww.” Perhaps Judy Nicolaides pot roast. She always added a dollop of sour cream at the end that created melt in the mouth perfection.

The trip album is half done half halfheartedly. I’ve included the blog posts, and all the jpgs are on discs in the back. Who knows if anyone will ever look at its pages and its incomplete roster of prints. But it will get done today.

Bee and Mikey are off to Paris. She’s packing now. Dee is back from Prague where she will be teaching this year. G is out there checking out wrecks. The world seems to be traveling around me while I nest this grey day. Submitting three poems to the Writers Digest Annual contest is my big thing for the day. Even if I’m not traveling, my shoes, cleaning and poems are. That will do nicely.


  1. You can have beef stew because I know you will also go to Sipz with me for "chicken."

  2. Beef stew sounds luscious but since I am still unable to stand for long periods, hubby is cooking and that usually means a frying pan!

  3. Prague? I would love to go there! But, travel from Hawaii to Europe would be jet-laggy! I would need to spend a couple of days in NYC. Or is flying over the North Pole easier and faster?

  4. How about a funny poem about your shoe repairman? I love that line "hello Darlink." Comfort food, that stew! Funny thing, I just bought Kitchen Bouquet yesterday. It's been years and years since I tried making gravy. I'm trying to devise a meatless gravy for a vegetable pot pie for Hubby like one we ate at a pub in Scotland recently. It had a whole wheat crust and was just yummy full as it was with colorful roof vegetables. Any suggestions?

  5. Oh gosh... I should work on a trip album for our month in Chicago. Sigh... I'll add it to my Hawaii Punch List.

  6. Sounds like you're a good busy! And congrats on your writing. I need a good kick to get me going.

    I live just south of Akron so I've been to Stan Hywet many times -- next time I'll pick you up something and do a post on it. It was the mansion of the Seiberling (tires) family and well worth seeing.


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