October 13, 2011

Hiding in the Cool

Very hot yesterday. I shut the house up in the early morning hours and went off to the Discovery Shop to push books around. I found a few books, but a massive number of donations that filled the back room which took my work hours instead.

I was so grateful to see those donations. Most non-profits are finding that they are getting fewer donations. We have been one of those with an empty sorting room and pleas to the public for donations. I asked a friend who works for Father Joe’s organization about their donations, and they told me things were still slow. We give the things we can’t use to Father Joe. The trickle down principal: high end thrift to low end thrift. Father Joe’s is in trouble.

Then instead of going out into the 90 degree heat, I toured Target for a few things. There were crowds of people shopping at Target. I shopped slowly riding in my motorized shopping cart to keep my hip as quiet as possible while that shot wears off. It’s a newly redesigned store with new stuff and new displays to sucker us in. And it looks good too.

Today will be another day to hide from the heat. G suggested I take the laptop down to the garage and do laundry while spending my day in the cool of the garage. No climbing stairs that way. Marta will be moving dust around up here today with all the doors and windows open to the stifling Santa Ana airs. I might just do that. Did I say that?


  1. Too bad you don't have a/c. I used to spend the whole day in my bedroom, which has a/c. Then in 1997, I said, "This is crazy. I am a prisoner here. Let's a/c the whole house." And that's what we did.

  2. We lost a lot of books that we had stored in the basement that got flooded. However, my daughter has been moved (finally) to look at the books upstairs. She has donated one carful of books to Good Will and has another ready to load. When she removes enough of hers, I expect to be able to donate more of mine.

    (About thirty of the books that were lost were my college text books. Really, did I need fifty-year-old outdated books?)

  3. I have been learning about your heat on the TV. So sorry. Our weather here has been a nice predictable fall coolness and just yesterday finally some rain. More tomorrow. I hope your hip heals so that you can get up and walk around more. Muscles get so weak when you don't push them.

  4. Glad you're getting out. I really like your photo. One of my favorite things about train rides and car trip is seeing the old buildings here and there and imagining who was there and wondering what happened that they all left. Sorry about the heat. There are leg exercises you can do while sitting to keep those muscles operational. I sit in a chair and do leg lifts that exericse the thigh muscle but leave the hip and knee out of it. I'm doing them while staying off my knee for awhile. Are you getting physical therapy. Sorry, I just can't mind my own business I guess.

  5. My motto is stay out of the heat as much as possible. David says I keep the house too cold. I bought him a lined shirt.

    About donations. Things should pick up as Christmas approaches. That't when we do our giving. Dianne

  6. The museum was cool today. Not going to do a THING to jinx that!

  7. So very unusual for San Diego -- this stifling hear. Today was horribly humid (97%) and right now we're having really bad T-storms.

    I hope the donations pick up soon for you all.


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