October 22, 2011

Just a Little Laugh!

A far wider G, Kay, and a bright Lessa.

Maybe I’m just being me and thinking. Instead of just going, I’m churning things around in my head. Kay would really laugh at those silly thoughts. Like why a five hour “Celebration of Life?” Are we supposed to stay all five hours? I think not. What to wear? Daughter Lessa is wearing the brightest colors she owns telling me that Kay would like that. I keep telling myself that Lessa is right.

Then next week the internment. I’ll probably get to thinking next week too.

Obviously, I’m far more upset than I am letting on to myself. Is that my excuse for all the cookies I ate yesterday? Kay’s right. Sometimes you just gotta laugh.


  1. Five hours does seem awfully long to be sitting and listening to speeches. Whose idea was it? I have instructed my kids to just hold a 10 minute, by invitation only, burial service when I am dead. No fuss.

  2. A really lovely photo of your friend. I can see she was a lovely person. Kay's right, laughter is good. Do something to make yourself laugh. Dianne

  3. Laughter is comforting. In the limo on the way to my dad's burial, my mother, my brother and sister, and I retold some of dad's jokes. We could almost hear him laughing with us.

    Sweet memories.

  4. Laughing is good. Trying to do just what is normal helps me too, remembering good things about a dear friend takes awhile to be comforting I think. And, sigh, chocolate.

  5. That fog does lift a bit with each laugh.Chocolate is a wonderful mood enhancer, as well. And, I believe very strongly, that tears are a necessary release. Fighting them just makes it harder. Have a good, long cry. Cry until there are no more tears to cry. Then wipe your eyes, stand up straight and go out there and have the life that Kay would want for you.

  6. My sisters and I were almost hysterically laughing in the limo as we rode to our mother's funeral. That is how I got the idea for the beginning to the book I wrote about my female ancestors. Wear a bright outfit, tell stories and laugh, Kay is laughing right along with you...!

  7. Sometimes you just gotta eat. I had my husband buy us 6 donuts yesterday as a reward for me making it through a week of ambulatory pain. We never buy donuts!


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