October 20, 2011


Sometimes we move slowly through our days. I spend much of my time when I’m not working, writing. Sitting on a gel cushion keeps my hip quiet. Raising my but up in the air with extra cushions keeps my neck and shoulder quiet. Struggling with other folks programming leads me to send my submissions to a poetry contest by USPS which will keep my head quiet.

G has had a second cyst taken out of his back. He is way too quiet about this. But even his allergies to the bandages are quiet. For this I am grateful.

We go out to dinner way too often this last week. I’m very quiet about this as I am loving it. Standing to cook is not a comfortable thing…except for the first two weeks after the shot. Last week we did a lot of Vegan places. The Loving Hut and Sipz where two different hands make the same kinds of food taste so differently.

In the end, I only notice that we let the WW meeting slide by yesterday not only quietly but in unnoticed silence. Not a good kind of quiet at all but one we will recover from with a good slice of chocolate cake.


  1. I think a trip to Sipz is in order again. With some easy geocaching?

  2. I wish i could entice David to go to the local vegetarian restaurant more often. He always says he hates the food then always cleans his plate.

    Quiet is good most of the time. Dianne

  3. Enjoy the peace a bit. Hugs, Celia

  4. I love quiet and I love going out for dinner. Fortunately I can control the quiet; dinner takes more effort.

    Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I've been reading in fits and starts.

  5. I love the photograph. Very peaceful. I can almost hear the birds and such.

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