November 25, 2011

25 Magic

I hope you all had a lovely day….how ever you spent it.

Here it was the laziest day ever. I did read all your posts tho I didn’t comment on each one. I read, I ate a simple lunch, and I took a bath in my own home. That’s important to me. For a long time, I didn’t have the upper body strength to get out of the tub on my own. Yesterday I did. Most importantly, the Geezer had time all to himself….he needs that.

Dinner was magic. Lovely vistas out the wrap around windows of Mr. A’s. To never forget “mac and cheese with truffles” for the Geezer. His braised beef short ribs vanished faster than my traditional turkey dinner. I shan’t ever forget that colorful beet salad.

We did spend a while mid-day making Leaning Towers….those chocolate cookie and whipped cream magic deserts. Thirty of them, enough to fill a cake pan. They have to be made a day ahead, and we will take them with us tonight to celebrate G’s anniversary. Sometimes, there are whole magic days too.


  1. I love magic days, but they go by too fast. Dianne

  2. Sounds like a truly lovely day! I went to see Hugo after a lovely dinner with Mimi's. Grand!

  3. The luck of the Irish to both of you in enjoying your leisurely day. My grandmother (Irish) believed in magic, Brownie points, practicing charity, counting blessings, doing good deeds, and living contentedly with your lot. She also made up baking magic to titillate our taste buds. Don't quiet know what your backing wonder was, but it sound delightful.

  4. Sounds like yoyu both enjoyed the holiday together. I enjoyed the always


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