November 21, 2011

Random Thoughts on Dinners for the Week

Thanksgiving 1985 L to R: Mother, G's dad, The Geezer, and G's mom.

Sunday we donned good clothes and grabbed a Jack in the Box hamburger for dinner….cake after the meeting. I’m amused that 12th Earl of Sandwich has good business acumen and has started an unusual chain of Sandwich Shops. Why not capitalize on the 4th Earl’s invention indeed.

Monday it’s that delicious squash soup again. Microwave apple slices, pop them in with the squash, and thin with a small can of chicken soup or veggie broth with a dash of ginger. Run it all through a blender or boat motor… know, one of those long things with a propeller on the end. I’m eternally lazy, and the blender is one flight down. Corn muffins wait in the freezer and a tossed green salad on the side. Good simple stuff.

Tuesday I’ll run a hunk of meat through the slow cooker and serve it with small red potatoes and a carrot raisin salad. Why that 1950’s treat…with all the luscious and fattening mayonnaise too? Because I hate throwing away food, and there are week old carrots just waiting for me in the veggie keeper. And too, I confess that I like that salad. It brings back homey and comforting warm memories of an old WPA school cafeteria.

Wednesday I’ll grab some extra cheese for the bottom of a Stouffers Mac and Cheese. I confess, I like that stuff too. Perhaps I will serve it with knockwurst or a kosher hot dog or two. Nothing WW about that dinner. Thursday is Mr. A’s. Yes indeed. Now if I have salsa over the Friday baked potato instead of all the butter I can eat. Perhaps that will be a shade more WW approvable, and I will feel less guilty about the weekly aberrations.


  1. Great picture. I thought that was you.

  2. Thank you for the food ideas. I have run out of ideas for meals. The apple slices are for the soup? I got confused. I thought maybe you meant squash slices? Dianne

  3. I've decided to stop feeling guilty about what I eat. But then I'm older than you.

  4. I am such a LAZY cook!!! I hate to cook. When I want to entertain friends, I treat them to lunch at a nice restaurant instead of cooking for them at home.

  5. Food! I have just spent all day today shopping for the dinner, breakfast, and Thanksgiving feast that I am hosting for my kids and their kids. At last daughter likes to she will come one day early to help. We have gotten a bit carried away with way too many dishes. We will probably forget to roast the turkey!

  6. You crack me up! And you can cook. What a combo!

  7. That's a lovely family photo.
    I must start making soup again. I'm told if you eat that in the evenings when snacks are such a temptation you'll lose pounds. That would be good:)


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