December 19, 2011


1979 first hand drawn Christmas Card before I could draw.

When we first moved into this condo, there were Christmas cards arriving all through December. They lined up happily on every surface and offered cheer whenever you walked into the living room. Now there are few….perhaps twenty at the most. Some days none at all arrive. Other days one. It’s disheartening.

No, our inbox isn’t filled with e-cards. I think we have received just two cards online. Instead, folks are just not sending communications at all. I blame it on the homogenization of the holiday. Oh, this is a good thing as our country becomes more multi-religious, but the loss of communication is not a good thing at all.

Many of the new poor can’t afford to send cards out these last few years. I understand that. Many of the old poor can’t either. There are ways around the cost of cards but not the cost of stamps. Once long, long ago when gas was cheap and cards were cheaper, I bought cards and hand delivered them. For many years I sketched the family and sent out folded papers. The first couple of drawings weren’t good, but they were communication.

This year I bought my cards at the American Cancer Society Thrift store and could afford to buy stamps. I want my friends in the far corners of the world to know I think of them often and I care. Today I offer you all a progression of these sketched cards to let you know I sure do appreciate you all in our lives.

Christmas Card 1980. Still rather awkward.

Christmas Card 1981. Lenora was still at home with the OB Pier in the background.

Christmas Card 1983. I couldn’t draw myself. The family on the front porch of the cottage.

Christmas Card 1984. The kids have flown. This is the last of these cards the year I started back to art school.


  1. Outstanding, Mage!!! I can't draw to save my life. Lol. I just love a good drawing -- more so than abstract art.

  2. These are wonderful....I wonder if the recipients kept the cards as "art". I would have, for sure.
    My cousin came up with a great idea for holiday greetings. She posted a professional photo of herself and her husband and sent it via e-mail. Then she took the money she would have spent on cards and postage and donated it to her local food pantry as a donation. I really love that idea. I do enjoy receiving the cards in the mail, though, as mail is usually nothing but ads and requests for donations these days.

  3. Oh! Be still my heart! Those are beautiful!

  4. I think those hand drawn cards are great! I've told you I'm no artist.

    To quote my mom, I can draw flies. Took me years to understand that one.

  5. My holiday greeting to you: I am so enriched by your gifts! I really don't personally know anyone as interesting, diverse, and multitalented as you are. Just wanted you to know. Wishing you the very best...and a new year full of the Post Cards of your life. LR

  6. I love your drawings. Those are great.

    I stopped sending cards some time ago, and make donations instead. Makes me feel better.

  7. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I bought my cards from a local assisted living facility. The seniors drew the cards in the art room. Dianne

  8. Wonderful cards! You are so talented! You're right about the card thing though, I got three so far and I've only sent two. Another tradition falling by the wayside. I don't miss the stress of getting them all out though.

  9. I wish I 'couldn't draw' like that:)

  10. I don't think the cards--even when you "couldn't draw"--were bad. I get some homemade, though not hand drawn, ones every year from a certain friend. I keep every one of them! They say so much more about the giver than a commercial card ever could. Thanks for sharing.


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