December 12, 2011

A Fairy Dust Day

G laughing on another Christmas years in the Past.

Christmas present is finally blossoming a bit. I wrote a holiday letter in Word, and after the Geezer approving it, sent it off to friends online. Christmas cards were a different matter. Should we or shouldn’t we. It boils down to, I do like to get cards but can no longer hand write anything,

Easy, I thought. I will just print out labels and have G do the signing. I’ve done it before with an older Windows. I’d created the data base, so how hard could it be.

I must admit that it took two of us hours to get it started. Himself thought I was fooling when I couldn’t do it on my computer while he could on his. When he finally focused on what I was doing, a mirror copy of what he was doing, and it didn’t work, he began to catch on. It’s probably that my Windows 7 is an upgrade over Windows Vista….and there was an error in the upgrade. That’s all we could figure. He has Vista and it doesn’t play well with either my computer or the Windows ME computer. Networks aren’t always functional here.

In the end, my computer printed out the addresses, I stamped our address and labeled the envelopes, and he stuffed them. I’ll run by the PO this morning and get stamps. We have liftoff with floating kitties and acres of loose, sparkly stuff that now covers every surface in the office. Fairy dust magic for the season, I’m sure.


  1. Oh! How fabulous! And what a great picture of Geezer!

  2. With my right hand severely cramped, I can't handwrite anything legibly -- not even the grocery list. Thank goodness for email.

  3. Had such a hard time with Word and the address labels, that it took less time to do it all by hand! No fooling! I'll mail them tomorrow.

    No letter this year which was so bad I fear the whole thing would sound like one huge whine!!


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