December 2, 2011

A Holiday Start

Wreath in the window at the shop.

It’s looking like a busy holiday for the two of us this year. As usual, every day I go in to work, I take pictures to post on the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop, Point Loma, Facebook page. What a mouthful. I can’t tell you how pleased I am to have things in focus again. I’ll be doing that today as well as books, sorting, and covering for the pricer.

We are taking Aaron car shopping again Saturday morning. I’ll take a good book and sit in the back seat. That way I get to see Aaron and stay out of the way. He reports his mom is doing really well after her lumpectomy. That’s such good news.

This weekend is the big holiday party in our central city park, Balboa Park. The Geezer’s museum was a little short on docents Saturday, so just like last year both of us will go in. They feed us and give us a parking pass, but we have to get there a lot early.

Last year I got to count people. That was actually fun. Push a button and smile as they come through the door. I can do this. Reminds me of working at Petco Park or Qualcom Stadium. Dressing warmly is the key. G’s main focus will be keeping folks off cars. He can do this with ease. All in all, a good start to our busy holiday.


  1. And your help is appreciated more than you can imagine! We need a good clicker!

  2. I like pressing buttons! And you'll look so official with your big smile people will think you're wonderful. Have fun. (Say, it really is easier to comment--far quicker too.)

  3. With a click-click here and a click-click there
    Here a click, there a click
    Everywhere a click-click!
    I bet you will be a huge help to the Capt.

    and the wreath is gorgeous...thanks for the photo.

  4. I hope the car shopping goes well. That's always such a headache. I love the wreath too. I wish I brought our wreaths from the mainland.

  5. You seem to have a well balanced and successful life these days...hope you are patting yourself on the back.


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