December 6, 2011


A chilly winter afternoon on Shelter Island.

On a chilly winter day I warmed myself by running down stairs. I’d jam the laundry into the machine, wander back up stairs, set a timer, and “ding”…run down stairs again. It’s a really good way to stay warm.

Between bouts of up and down, I ran to Tarjay for ribbons. I’d given Lessa all the Christmas stuff and there wasn’t a ribbon to be seen. As usual, I checked for “Tide - cold water unscented.” None to be had…perhaps their having it the first week was just a teaser to get us in to their newly remodeled store. Yet I noted they had ten plus feet of Tide scented in a large variety of flavors.

Today I shan’t run anywhere. Since the sewing table is newly shorn of it’s photos to be scanned, now will be a good time to sort that appalling pile of tax stuff that is enthusiastically escaping it’s accordion folder. Besides, we have this one room warmed with a tiny heater.

Maybe I will finish my email Christmas letter too. You would be proud of me.


  1. Stay warm and cozy. See you later at the Hut.

  2. Goodness, you need another space heater. I got chilly reading your post today. Love the photo of the boats. Hard to believe America is down and out with all those vehicles parked at the marina. On the other hand, perhaps they're foreclosed for the winter. Dianne

  3. You are such an industrious person. Wish I would finally get off my butt and do my projects instead of photography and blogging...neither of which really need to be done. I have noticed more and more things that I want to purchase are not on the shelves. We are going from the land of plenty to the land of ... what we have available.

  4. I started doing a New Years newsletter last year... I mean this year... I mean. Ah well...

    Good for you for getting some things done! You're almost getting me to move.

  5. I'm sure it's our two flights of stairs that keep me fit. But I don't run these days - ever - and concentrate like mad when I'm carrying a tray.
    Allow me a rare moment's smugness. I've posted all Christmas mail. It was a joy to write good news this year.

  6. Progress is good. Sounds like you are tackling a lot of chores and getting organized again. Good for you!


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