February 21, 2012


Burgeoning health stirs up the old energies, so yesterday I wandered to the shop. Except for a giant box of books right in the way of the sorters, most everything was in order thanks to Jane who prices books on Wednesdays. There’s half a shelf of older books I need to look up, and messy shelves to sort later. There were two quilts waiting for pricing too….amid the books. They know how to capture my attention.

Today I will go back and bring those books in need of pricing home. It’s much easier to do them here even with lugging them up and down stairs. I’ve posted some shop photos to Facebook…that too makes me feel as if I’m waking up from this cold.

No energy for writing yet. I was gently dissuaded from my Nazi histories by a total lack of interest by the class. I was also brought to a halt by one poet trying to convert my sonnets from syllabical count to rhythmic count. My poor old brain couldn’t figure out what it was to do so came to an abrupt stop.

Energy for living tho. Lessa did do well in math; she even earned extra points. I’m so glad she has applied for a waiver anyway. But her sister has a part time, temporary, hourly job. Hurrah. Energy for the dentist too as my partial broke in my mouth last night. I can call for another hip shot today too…that will help.


  1. Coming back. Take it easy, sweetie. Hope to see you Friday.

  2. Hope you don't push yourself too quickly. those colds/cough can come back with a vengance. Rest up for our meetup in under a month from now.
    Loved the photo of the jewelry....

  3. Love that necklace! I'm glad you're feeling better.

    Yay for Lessa!

  4. All bright side issues for you. So glad.

  5. You make me want to visit that thrift shop if/when I ever get back to San Diego. Quilts and books! How could I miss out of either one or the other! Glad you're better.

  6. Beautiful jewelry. Just coming into that cold over here.Yuck.
    Blogger won't let me comment via Open ID any more. Now I have to use google account.

    f/k/a "alwaysinthebackrow"

  7. Take care, Mage. I just returned from the dentist and not happy with what I heard. Sigh...


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