February 28, 2012


College Roomies: Mage and Janey in uniform at Petco Park.

The sun played cat and mouse with us all morning. Managing to keep most of me under the warm water at the pool was a bit of a triumph. A real triumph was that the dentist was able to fill the tooth. Later, I played housewife here or there. Taking fingerprints off here, grease there. Playing grandma too framing newer pictures of this grandson or that granddaughter. Actually framing pictures of some friends too and reducing the cacophony on my picture wall. Not only do I want to see my friends, I want to see my clock.

I framed a photo of Marion B, one of Janey, and I will get to Lee and Jo as I dig up some small frames. With my damaged brain, if I don’t see you, I lose you. I really want to remember my friends who aren’t here right now. When I finally settled into the living room after housewiferies, the skies opened and the world turned really wet.

I survived cooking Lemon Chicken over rice with Thai broccoli and G survived the rain.


  1. The rain came down in buckets and the museum sounded like it was under seige! Incredible noise! But I loved it. Hoping the skies clear for Free Tuesday.

  2. We had a heavy rainstorm last night too...it was so loud on our RV metal roof that we had the TV volume up as far as it would go and still couldn't hear it all.

  3. OOooo. Lemon chicken. Barefoot Contessa made some on TV yesterday and I taped it...want to repeat when hubby gets home.

  4. Well, I see blogger has changed one more page on me. This comment page is kind of wishy washy but is usable.

  5. You two look like you're having a great time. Like seeing those big smiles. Thanks for your note, yes, smashed them little glasses flat.

  6. Mmmm... your Lemon Chicken sounds wonderful. I love that picture of the two of you. With your sense of humor, you will live forever.

  7. Lemon chicken. I love it. Want to share the recipe? Like the photo too. Janey's piniafore is great.


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