February 9, 2012

Routine Comforts

I kind of like doing mundane things after all those years of madness. Since the pool is closed, I went to the gym with the Geezer and discovered what horrid shape my upper body was in. Then to the Discovery Shop first for brunch then a talk by the manager.

It was interesting this time. Display and marketing. Merchandising. Shelf height. Everything got lowered for more easy access. ADA considerations too. Hanger directions are for right handed folks. Names of the clothing stands like rounder and four-way. The four-way has waterfalls and straight hanger things. We put our upper end clothing on those four way stands trying to keep the clothes in color groups.

Who we are not letting in to the store too. That man steals. This woman was caught. We just won’t let them back in.

Mannequins not in black. Something colorful, she said, since the store walls are dark. Yesterday she gave me a larger hanging bust I could dress for the “Plus Size” area. I put black shirt, black pants, and a black and gold jacket on the bust….certainly black. I’ll change it tomorrow tho she says it’s ok. Made me laugh.

Now I’m full. The laundry is going around, and the dishes are a washing. The sun is out, and I’ll scan before being taken out to a light supper. Routine stuff, but comforting.


  1. Routine stuff is always comforting. Sounds like your store manager has done some studying!

  2. I love clementines, but the ones we've tried here in Hawaii so far have not been very sweet. I loved the ones we got in Illinois.

    Kind of hard to keep those unwanted people out of the store, hunh? My sister-in-law works for Walmart and they have a terrible time with blatant shoplifters.

  3. It's time we plus sizes got our own manniquins. Thank you for making me laugh. Black is the worst color to wear to look thin. I stopped that nonsense. Now I am into canary yellow. I don't look thin but am happier. Dianne

  4. Who says orange doesn't go with red?! That bowl of clementines looks stunning! I almost reached out to try one. And yes, there's always a lot to learn about retail displaying...I remember from working in a bookstore in the 80s, but it's fun.


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