February 4, 2012

Up and Out

Forth largest yacht in the world at 300 + feet with a forty + footer coming up astern. 2012.

  • We are off. Out. We have the morning together, Grumpy needs a run, and my camera’s batteries are charged. What more could one want. There’s an estate sale in the Point, I need new black shoes, and the sun is out. How could it get better.

  • It’s time for birthday’s too. Kay, who went to college with me the first time around, is 39 again. Both she and I are kindred spirits separated by much of a state. She’s a children’s librarian who’s always worked part time in a book store also, raised two kids, and raised goats long, long ago, been brave and published far more books than I, with her husband loves trains and travel as much as the two of us, and frankly I’m honored to know this brilliant lady. Happy Birthday Kay.

  • You would be proud of me. I’m well into my second big box of family picture scanning. It seems to be a mix of 1970s and 80s images in a box marked 1984. It’s certainly not boring. Check those hair styles out. Did I mention the padded shoulders. I was a failure at the shoulder pads, but I was certainly guilty of the big hair syndrome. I’m getting my shoulder length hair cut this week. Not even middle sized hair this time, I think I’ll go shorter. We will see. With the ophthalmologists decree that I wear hats all the time, I’ll be living with squished flat hair. That isn’t flattering even for around the house…did I say something about flat heads. I was thinking that maybe shorter hair can be fluffed up a bit.


  1. Can you not wear stronger sunglasses instead of hats? I hate what they do to my thin hair.

  2. What are you using to scan? I need to take that project on.

    I just sent my hubby out with the dog to walk. I'm not quite ready for wind and cold. No sun here.

  3. I'm wearing shorter hair and hats all the time too. Supposedly reduces sun exposed cancers. Hats do a job on your hair for sure, but these days, who worries about that??

    Re shoulder pads, the first thing I did when I got home with a new garment in those days was remove the shoulder pads.

  4. I have quite a few hats but have found that straw or similar natural grass material doesn't create as much static or quite as much mess in my hair. I have a big brimmed one for summer and a soft small foldable one I can wear the rest of the time. Our family is prone to those skin cancers and it's hot here, so its required dress for me too.

    I removed the shoulder pads too.

  5. I don't really enjoy scanning. For one thing I have to get down on my knees.

  6. As for the hat, try a sun visor hat. One with a big bib and velcro. That's what I do and it works pretty well with my baby-fine bodyless and far too thin hair. (Reading about your scanning old pictures makes me want to get back to doing that since I quit months ago with boxes and boxes left to sort through.)

    Today I'll have a scan for cancer screening--it's two years since my last chemo--can you believe it. Cross your fingers! I am.


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