February 18, 2012

Wonderful Things

Fulsome descriptions include: August: Sloop Clearwater (1969), Length: 106 ft., Mast height: 108 ft., Sail Area: 4, 305 sq ft.

One day, half a week into the cold, I was semi able to focus. I opened a few blogs pages only to discover that I had won this deep, rich photograph by Tabor. I’m honored, and I’m amazed. I’m not the win everything person in the family. The Geezer is. Yesterday I was told the image shipped, and now I carefully check outside my front door with regularity. Photos when it arrives.

The Following day a little square arrived in the mail accompanied by a charming and old fashioned Valentines’ card. The card now sits now next to my bed smiling my way through this cold, thank you so much P. Then slowly I unwrapped the little square knowing who it was from but not what was inside. An artist’s paper envelope covered cardboard which covered green tissue paper artfully wrapped in a snip of chart. Inside this was a carefully folded piece of Bowsprite drawn fabric calendar art accompanied by a sheet with all the specs for these Ships of New York 2012 Tea Towel. Ahhhhhhh……..wonderful stuff.

Such a richness of friends.


  1. Congratulations on the friendship that led to these gifts.

  2. Wow, lucky you. To have friends you must be a friend. Apparently that' s true of you.

  3. Lucky you...the picture is beautiful.

  4. Lovely to receive such prizes in the mail, signs of a good year in progress!?

  5. I am sure you will find the perfect place for that gorgeous photo.....and I'm almost as happy for you getting it as I would have been if it were for me. LOL

  6. I have admired that photograph. I love birds so its a treat. Enjoy it.

    Sorry no gifts from me. I am not very artistic tho.


    PS Glad to see you up and about.

  7. I guessed you were a boat person.
    Congrats on winning that gorgeous photo.

  8. MageLove! I am so so sorry to have taken so long to visit! but have been thinking of youuuu! Hope all is well, and I will write you more soon! and, so glad you like it! xoxo c!

  9. …and yep! he won YOU!

    : D

    xoxo c!


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