March 15, 2012

C'est la Guerre

Dinner at the Loving Hut: Appetizers, above. Below: M’s Happy Orange…and it was, G’s Pho.

For the second time I cooked a Kabocha squash the recommended time and temperature only to find it powdered dry. So the entre went into the trash, the rest of dinner into the icebox, and I got to escape my guilt that somehow I ruined the squash with dinner at the “Loving Hut”…a marvelous vegan restaurant in North Park.

Today, while I stay out of Marta the housekeeper’s way, I will pick up something to go with the parts of yesterday’s dinner that survived. C’est la guerre.

..and too. The tiny lady behind us was tasting their menu she said. Wow! It was an adventure far, far better than ruined squash.


  1. everything looks great! Wow, what a feast!

  2. I goodness, i shouldn't read your blog just before dinner. Crazy about vegan but David hates it. Sigh. Dianne

  3. I am amazed by how colorful everything is...does it taste as good as it looks?

  4. Mmmmm... This looks really, really fabulous!!! I love that first appetizer. It looks scrumptious! My mother loves cooking kabocha. She insists on getting kabocha from New Zealand (in season). Otherwise, it's Mexico or California. She says it makes a big difference. She says kabocha from Hawaii is awful.

  5. Well they certainly look good! Especially the stuff that I suppose was eggplant?


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