March 26, 2012

Missing In Action

Buying boxes to store stuff in.

We apologized first thing this morning. I didn’t know what else to do….apologize for missing a long standing breakfast date. Actually, I had eagerly looked forward to this meeting. Stir M had done a ground tour of the Panama Canal, and I wanted to know all the details.

Nope, I remembered on Saturday, but by Sunday we were wandering around having pancakes at Perry’s and cleaning the office. This is the second time we have missed breakfast with Stir. The first time we had that cold. She didn’t want to even get near us. This time, there’s was no excuse. We were so caught up in ourselves that we didn’t look beyond our noses.

Now the office is half reorganized. I’m moving to his corner, and he is moving to my “L.” Boxes are everywhere. His bear is in front of my monitor, and all my writing books are behind his monitor. The sewing table is going into storage too. It’s amazing how much stuff we didn’t really need in that tiny room.

In the end, none of it really mattered as we missed breakfast with Stir.


  1. Organizing is such a good thing! I am trying to get rid of a lot of my years of accumulation and organize what I am keeping. I need many wishes of 'good luck with that'. LOL

    Sorry you missed breakfast with your friend. Been there, done that and if I could get my leg high enough, I would kick myself in the butt for such things!

    Here is a link to my Pinterest page, if you want to share with your daughter :)

  2. I think we've all done that -- missed dates we had set and looked forward to. I' still feeling badly about two that I completely overlooked. Somehow things were never quite the same with those that I had forgotten.

  3. I missed a speaking engagement a few months ago! Color me embarrassed! Especially since I was goofing around in the Trader Joe's right next door!

  4. I've been on the other end of someone forgetting to meet me. It's no fun to be sitting somewhere alone waiting and waiting. But I am sure you will make up for it in some wonderful way...and at least you got some work done on the office rearranging.


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